Epilogue: Endings and beginingsMature


We're alive...

Against all odds we defeated Carlos...

My head hurt, my entire body aches and my soul wants to cry it's essence away. Yet I laugh. I burst out in a hearty laugh just by sheer hapiness to have survived the night's events.

We lie down on the grass of a nearby empty lot, at this moment, both of us are as shining as two newly wed. We should be worried, pained and serious but right now it all seems so ridiculous.

"I never thought we would succed." I point out.

"I can't believe this is all over." He replies.

"Carlos is dead, or rather deader. We're finally free."

"Yep. It's the end of it all..." He says losing a bit of his joy.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah... It just feel weird to reach a conclusion. I guess we're going to be living like normal teens from now on."

"Normal? No way. I like things like they are, I wouldn't have it any other way."

"The adventure's over." He notes. "But in the end... Nothing ever really end doesn't it?"

"That's right." I say smiling to him. "It's just begining..."


My head rest against Lou's chest when he breaks the silence accompagnied by the melody of crickets.

"Grey?" He asks.

"Yes Lou?"

"Do you want to have children?"

I nearly choke on my own saliva when he says it. "We're not exactly equiped for that." I joke.

"I know, silly. But maybe we could adopt."

"Or Jen and Mia could be the mother." I suggest. We both laugh at that.

"We can always decide later. For now, all that counts is that you're here."

I hold him a bit closer before he speaks again.

"Oh Grey..."

"Yes?" I answer expecting another odd idea.

"I forgot." He says leaning onto me and kissing me. "Happy birthday."

It's already that day? Damn, with all the excitment I managed to completly forget... July 15th... I'm now fifteen years old...

Oh how time flies by fast...

I lean back onto Lou and returns the kiss and when it's over with, I give him another as an encore. I'm not in a hurry to go anywhere. I'm with Lou, that's all that matters.

In reality, there's no endings, only new beginings...

---------------------------The end----------------------------------

Continued in Gray Again...

The End

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