I don't know what exactly Lou did, but it worked as the specter I spent years chasing impotently now writhes on the ground, howling in pain. It tries to get up and rushes for Lou.

I grab his hand, stepping out of my invisibility I projected in the ghost's spirit. With my hand, I yank Lou toward me, sending him tripping into my arm.

"You'll pay for this rotten whore!" Carlos howls.

He pounces toward us, tentacles, spikes and blades forming all over his body. Using my left hand, I let the lit zippo lioghter fall down onto the ground.  He's about to tear us to shred when he hits an invisible barrier that forms, with a silent thump of pressure, as a circle of flames slowly draws itself on the ground.

The magical circle burns bright blue and prevents our now captured foe from leaving. Slowly, Mia walks toward us, holding the barrier in place, Which she had constructed not with chalk or metal but slow burning oil so it wouldn't be apparent until lit.

"Good job Mia." I compliment her.

"Just hurry up..." She says, focusing hard on keeping the circle up so we don't get butchered by the psychopathic son of a bitch.

Infront of us, Carlos continues wailing, desperatly clawing and slamming against the circle.

"This is for Alexandra, Mary and all those other girls you tortured and murdered. I hope you burn in hell." I spit at him.

"Seems like it's our time." Lou's father says stepping out of cover a shotgun in hand followed by Martin.

"Yep. Nobody hurts my Baby brother and lives with it." This one adds, sounding mildly psychotic.

"You know what you have to do." I declare. Without wasting time, they both shoot the specter with the dead sea salt rounds we had prepared for the occasion. When they hit, every tiny chunk of the stuff burns a hole in the thing's body.

In my arm, Lou's in pain, a side effect of the contact he forged with our favorite tormentor. I take him in my arms and take him away, just walking forward until he calms down.

"Are you sure he's going to be done with?" He ask me, trying to ignore the pain he feels.

"You've destabilised his essence, you introduced more than just his own madness. Even if he can reform, it won't be as a specter... He'll move on then."

"That's... good..." He pants out.

I take him into my arms and using the link siphon as much of the pain into myself as I can. Making it tolerable for both of us instead of him being in agony."

"Are you alright?" I ask.

"I'm good... Just hold me tighter will you?"

I smile and holds him pressed against my body his head on my shoulder. He even squeak at one point from the presure and I let him so slack again.

"We've made it." I declare, smiling. "Dear God, we've made it."

The End

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