Ghastly GambitMature


I shift uncomfortably in the dress I'm wearing. I can't stop twitching in place from the stress. This might be my plan, I'm still playing with fire here. We went for an isolated part of town, behind a currently closed arcade to do it.

"Is everything ready?" I ask Grey.

"It should be." He responds nervously.

I learned a lot from Mary over the last months. I know I can do this. I slip out of my body quickly, something that has become natural for me at this point.

Once there, I begin wailing psychicly, sending memories to echo around the surroundings. Not mine, but Alexandra's last memories. I do it for a while until I sense a sinister presence approaching.

I return to my body just as Carlos materialise beside me in his blasphemous and horrible form.

"Is it you?" He asks, his voice full of hope.

"It's me." I reply.

"You don't know for how long I've searched for you my love." The specter declares sending a shiver down my spine.

"Now we can be together, we can become one. Become perfect." He continues.

"You're right." I claim, playing his sick game.

Large bladed appendage grows out of the abomination's torso. "Please let me free you from this body. It won't hurt I promise." He tries to reassure me as he walks toward me menacingly.

Shit... That wasn't planned...

"Wait!" I beg him.

"What is it, don't you want to be reunited with me?" He asks looking pained.

"No, it's just I have a last favor to ask you. I can't leave this body without having ever kissed anyone don't you think?"

"I'm sorry, dear, I was getting ahead of myself."

He takes my shoulder in his hands and he leans closer to me. Every inch of my being screams to run away as fast as possible but I stand my ground. I can't ruin this at the last minute.

Despite my relluctance, his lips meet mine, they feel colder than ice and as dry as a desert. With an effort of will, I force myself to return it. Much like when I did the same to mary, a connection forms between the two of us.

I begin to see and feel the horror of his life and unlife. It's undescriptible in how awful and terrible it is. But he's not the only one to give something...

I can see the shocked look on his face as he receives the bundle I prepared for him. It's not what he expected to find. I didn't give him my fears, my worry or the bad memories of my life.

What I shared was the accumulation of everything sweet I had, every moment of love I experienced. Compassion, Love, kindness for a being made of spite, it's like acid to him and now he can't close the channel between us.

Doubt fills his spirit and he cries in agony.

I guess it's true what they say, the power of love conquers all. Although I doubt they meant it as literally as now is the case.

The End

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