Life goes on they say... Soon enough spring gave away to summer. Lou and I are still together, better than ever in fact. I'm thankful he forgave what I did to him.

Now, we tell each other everything, we don't keep secrets from each others. At least no personal secrets, I haven't told him about Martin. That's for him to talk about it.

Since then, I've been living trying to balance my life between Lou and Mary. They've both accepted each others and the fact that I can't split with either of them. We spend the week at our respective place and each weekend change where we crash.

It's so weird and strange, being happy and content after so I spent so long as a prey to anguish and despair. Everything is proverbal sunshine with one exception, Carlos still roams free... He hasn't attacked us but it won't take long until he does. Yet we still have no way of banishing him...

"What's on your mind?" Lou asks me, setting a hand on my shoulder, drawing me out of my thinking.

"The only thing still left; Carlos..." I respond.

"I've been thinking about him lately too. We don't have anything we can do... Even Mary doesn't know how to destroy him."

At the mention of her name, she slitters toward us, in her serpentine form which has changed over the last few months. From black it went to white and from slimy scales it went to long soft feathers.

"Why are you still roaming around in that form of all thing?" I ask her.

"The only reason you aren't doing the same is because you can't." She taunts me playfully. "Beside, I feel better now, it's no longer full of spite like it once was..."

"You've been nice since you left the Darkside." I comment off handedly.

"Left the darkside..." Lou mutters, with his expression I can see the gears turning inside of his head.

"What's wrong Lou?"

He stays silent for a minute thinking before he announces. "I've had an Idea..."

"What is it?" I press him.

"I think I know how to get rid of Carlos..."

"You what?" Mary and I scream in shock.

"Mary's been cleansed of her anger, her hatred and malice... She's only staying here because you bound her to yourself. What if we can do the same with Carlos?"

"We can't just sign him up for a therapy."

"Do you remember what he said when he caught me all alone a few months ago? I think he sees me as being like him. I think he likes me..."

"You're not thinking of--"

"I have to do it and we can do it. We can't let him roam around hurting people."

"What will you do if it doesn't work?"

"We'll improvise." He says with a confident grin.

"I can't stop you and I can't leave you alone especially for this." I affirm.

"Count me in too." Mary seconds.

"Well, first things first, we've got some favors to call in."

The End

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