I'm considering going down looking for Grey when he finally climbs back to my room. He looks rather shaken by something...

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah... I just almost got lynched by your brother though..."

I chuckles, knowing my brother well, he probably threatened to do unspeakable things to Grey. Altough finding out when he's serious and when he's not, that's the hard part...

"Just ignore him, he won't touch a hair from you unless I say so."

"That's very encouraging Honey." He says sarcastically and as he prepares the stuff he brought back.

He begins frictioning my back and I feel the muscles loosen up, relieving the lingering pain and soreness. His hands work like magic as he adjust his technique via the psychic feedback from our mental link.

It must sounds embarassing to other who can hear us since I'm quietly moaning in pleasure, after the sucky last three days of horror and pain, I deserve the attention so I let myself be spoiled for once.

After god knows how long of rapturing ectasy, Grey lets himself fall beside me in bed. "Now it's my arms that need a massage." He claims with a humorous smile.

I kiss him gently murmuring "Thank you." For a minute, we both just lie in bed, halfway between tired and ecstatic. After a while though, I gets up from bed. "Let's grab a shower then eat something, I'm starving."

"Right on, man." He agrees, raising his fist in the air.

After a very looooooooooong and nearly scalding shower, I get dressed in some fresh clothes after having spent all of yesterday and today's morning wearing them. In the kitchem, my Father's working on dinner, which is almost ready.

"Good morning boys... Or should I say good evening?"

"Evening Dad." I greet him while Grey does the same, only changing dad for 'Mr. Tanner'

"I thought it was Lucy's turn to make dinner tonight." I remark.

"It was, but Martin managed to browbeat me into doing it instead." My father points out. "You're going to be happy, I'm making Jambalaya like you love it."

"Awe. Frickin. Some!" I declare grinning. Note to myself, I need to give Martin a hug for being awesome.

After a few minutes that seem to strech out forever as my stomach growls, everyone sits down at the Table, the twins doing the service, setting down the table like they usually do. Mostly because they can't cook to save their lives.

Although I don't get to spend much time with them, I really like Amy and Eli, they put so much energy in the house with thier constant yammering and argueing.

The funny thing about them is that despite being Identical physically, they're really polar opposite on everything else; Amy's the socialite with goth chic while Eli's the geeky tomboy.

But despite this, they actually get along, but they just spend hours discussing everything under the sun before agreeing with each others.

I love my family, with all it's odd quirks and the energy of it. There's always an arguement going on but people here remain cool about it. Like when Kathy brings her laptop to the table to continue writting sappy romance novels.

The End

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