The brother's secretMature


"Spoiled brat." I joke, elbowing Lou in the ribs playfully. "Stay here, I'll be right back."

"You better be." He purrs out.

I quickly put on some clothes and walk out of the door behind me. I quickly head downstair to the bathroom as the one on the second floor is strictly reserved for the house's many girls. After a quick look in the mirror, I take decide to take a moment to fix my appearance.

A washed face and brushed hair later, I grab what I came here for; A bottle of massage oil I bought a while ago and the tiger balm in the pharmacy, the perfect kit to send Lou away from an acheing body and right to Nirvana.

When I step out of the room however, I bump into Martin, literally, dropping the stuff on the floor.

"Oh, sorry Martin." I apologize, getting the stuff back from the ground.

"You're working on an Apology massage for Lou?"

"Kind of..." I half whisper.

"Good. I was worried I'd have to snap your neck in the end." He declares, serious as all hell.

I gulp and timidly stare at my bare feet. He might actually mean it... I'm not a small guy but Martin's a freaking colosus and he's into martial art. Oh and he's extremely protective of his little brother. Three things that aren't good when combined together and you're on the receiving end...

"Alright..." I meekly answer.

The man burst out in a roaring laugher and I give out a relieved chuckle. I'm not going to die today at least.

"Can I ask you something?"


"I just want to know, why did you do it?"

"I was vulnerable... It was a spur of the moment thing... One I deeply regret." I avow. "Lou told you about it?"


"Then how did you..?"

"It doesn't take a psychic to know that you did something wrong, something that hurt my little brother deep inside. And that's something I can't ignore."

I stare back at my feet in shame. "Do you want to know what happened?"

"Actually, I don't. Whatever happened, it's between the two of you. It doesn't regard me, what does however is the well-being of my brother."

"Can I ask you a question too?"


"You and Lou are really close... More than any of your siblings are to one another. Why?"

He consider me for a moment and then, he motions for me to follow him somewhere else. Once we step outside, he leans against the railing of the patio. "Can I trust you to keep a secret? Even from Lou?"

"You can." I confirm after thinking about it for a second.

He pulls out his phone and after a second of browsing, he shows me a picture of a man with a child. "Who's that?"

"My first boyfriend." He declares somberly.

"Your boyfriend?" I repeat, surprised since he does have a girlfriend.

"The first person I loved, we were best friends until we hooked up, We braved the other's mockery and hatred with pride... That is until his family discovered about us and they sent him in therapy to 'Cure' him...

They moved away too so we wouldn't continue seeing each others. We lost touch for a few years. At first I wanted to see him again, but now he's married..." He speak slowly, almost strangling himself with every word he pronounces.

I stand there, dumbfounded by his revelation.

"I think I still love him... But now we can't be together. When I learned that Lou was gay, I decided to help him, I didn't want him to suffer like I did..."

I wrap an arm against his torso and pat him on the back, trying to be recomforting.

"Lou's waiting for you I think... Beside, I need a moment to be alone."

The End

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