"Wait... What do you mean for now?" Grey asks confused.

I sigh in exasperation"I've given it a lot of thoughts... Too much fucking thoughts. I can't make you choose between the two of us, I could, but that's against my principles..."

"You mean..." He says suggestively.

"What you do in your free time is up to you. But when we're together, it's you and I, only us. Is that clear?"

He nods fiercely before speaking again "Lou?"

"What is it?"

"I just wanted to say thanks... I'm so sorry you have to put up with my crap all the time."

"I knew what I was signing up for when we began dating."

I lean onto him and we kiss. It's not like usual, it's a shy and reluctant making up kiss. When I sit back in my chair, we both look at each other, smiling timidly as a new shyness just settled between the two of us.

He looks at the time and he asks me "We're going to be late... Shouldn't we go to school?"

"Actually, I think we need a day off after this weekend..." I pounce onto the bed next to Grey. "Beside, we've got a lot of catching up to do."

"What kind of catching up?"

My lips meet his while I look strait into his eyes. He takes a second to reply to my attention but when he does, he does it in strenght pinning me against the bed, taking the lead, taking control of the situation like he alway does.

This time however, I push him back and then set him to be the one down. "Today, you're mine." I grin at him in a predatory manner.

We make out passionately, the link between us seems to have grown as we feel each other's emotion so strongly we can't tell who they belong to anymore. Our feelings of worry, anger, bitterness and shame are washed away replaced by a comfortable numbness.

We make love like it's our first time, everything is different now, we feel everything the other is and for that time, our souls merge into one being, there's no Lucas and Grey anymore just Us...

It's not something that can be described with words, because everything I could say would be an understatement as to how it feels. An image my be worth a thousand words but even that would not convey it well enough...

When it's over, we both lay in my bed, with him spooning up against me. We're out of breath and tired. But only physically, in our minds, things couldn't be more differents... I fall asleep after a few minutes, feeling the warm breath of my boyfriend in my hair.

It's the middle of the day, but we sleep for several hours, nobody come to bother us. When I wake up, Grey's awake, looking at me. "Good morning." He whispers to my ear.

I get up yawning and streching the muscles of my stiff, bed ridden body"You know what would be great? A massage." I suggests with a wolvish smile.

The End

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