My heart's racing so fast it's about to explode and burst out of my chest. I'm standing infront of Lou's house but I can't get myself to knock... My arm's feeling numb.

I can't face Lou after what I did...

I consider turning back when the door opens up before me. My heart stops for a second. Please don't be Lou... It's him... Damn it...

"We need to talk. Come in." he says. He looks tired, his hair is a mess and his eyes are red and tired, like he cried until he couldn't do it anymore.

I obey sheepishly, closing the door behind me and following Lou upstair. I consider mentioning that we're going to be late, but I'm too much of a wuss to even try to bail out. I just stay quiet and look down.

Once we enter his room, he sits down in the computer desk's chair and nod to the bed. I sit down and a long, uncomfortable silence settles between us.

"Don't you have something to say?" He points out with restrained anger.

I swallow hard, take a few breaths and force myself not to start crying. "I'm... I'm sorry..." I mumble.

"What for?" He ask purposefully, like he knows the answer.

"I cheated on you..."

"With who?" He ask, seemingly as more a formality than anything.


He sigh and covers his face in his palm. "I know." He admits. "Mary told me."

"She what?"

"She told me earlier what happened between the two of you. I know everything. Do you know what I'm angry about grey?"

I shake my head timidly and he answers his own question.

"It's not the fact you had sex with Mary. I know what she is to you, I understand it. What piss me off to no end is that you just fled and left me there in burried in your own sorrows. I'm enraged by the fact I had to learn it from her."

"I'm sorry..."

"I bet you are. But what are you sorry for? For the sex or for stabbing me in the back and betraying the trust I had in you?"

"Both." I responds meekly. "If you want, I'll leave..."

He sighs and cross his arms. "I should kick your ass out so strongly you'll break a leg. But I won't."

"You won't?"

"I still love you Grey, even if you've hurt me just as badly as Josh once did, I don't want to lose you. I'm willing to forgive this, but can I trust you in the future? Trust you to be honest to me, to never betray me like you did?"

"I pro-promise." I say stuttering as I begin crying.

He takes me in his arms and I cry like a baby for several minutes. When I finish, he calmly let go of me.

"What about Mary?" I ask shyly. "YOu want me to send her away?"

"No... I've talked to her. I'm allowing her to stay. But you two keeps away from each others... At least for now."

The End

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