Ghost talksMature


I barely sleep last night, I feel asleep it was before six even hit and I woke up a few hours later. But I didn't get up, I just spent all night in my bed, ruminating about yesterday.

When morning comes, I feel a hand on my shoulder.

"Leave me alone Martin..." I dryly spits.

"It's me..." A girl's voice says.

I look up, out of my sheets. Mary's standing next to me.

"Go away." I say, covering my head.

"We need to talk." She begins, ignoring my moodiness. "About Grey."

Part of me doesn't want to hear it but the other really wants some answers. Seeing as I don't answer, she sits down beside me and begins explaining.

"Grey couldn't bring himself to explain what happened yesterday... He's too ashamed of it... I decided to talk to you about it."

"Get to the point." I grumble.

"Grey cheated on you." She let out after a pause.

"He what?" I scream, getting up into a seating position.

She looks down at the floor, looking genuinely sad. "It's my fault... He was vulnerable. I took advantage of him..."

"He had sex... With you...?" I ask her stunend.

"Yes." She confirm.

"Why are you telling me this?" I question her, knowing she has a plan in mind.

She smile sadly and speaks "I know you don't like me. Actually, you must hate me. But I want Grey to be happy... He spent years drowned in his sorrows and anger but now he has you."

"You expect me to believe you?"

"No. I know you don't. I can't leave Grey physically, I'm tied to him. But I can leave him emotionally. He's no longer my boyfriend, he's all yours now. He's no longer my Sweetiepie." She smile nolstalgically when she say that word. "Just a friend."

"Mary you're.... Different..." I mutters, not knowing what exactly I feel.

"You've noticed. I'm... Sane, again, for the first time in years I can think beyond my hatred and sadness. I can see all I've brought was pain and misery to him.

I care about him, more than anything. We were seven when we first met, I can remember every moment we spent together. How happy he was. I want him to go back like this..."

"What happened to you?"

She smile more warmly and let out a chuckle. "You did Lou. You changed me, just like you changed Grey. You broke the circle of pain we had fallen into. I can't make you like me, but atleast I can let Grey be happy once again even if it's without me."

She gets up and slowly walk away. "Grey will be here in a few minutes. I better go..."

She's about to leave wehn I take her hand. "You can stay..."

She smiles back at me. "Thank you Lucas." She says sitting down on a nearby chair.

"You look older... And gorgeous..." I comment...

Much to my shock, she blushes, her white skin, turning crimson. "Thanks..."

The End

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