Growing upMature


Tonight, I stop thinking about Lou for once. I should feel bad, but I think he knows how I feel about Mary. I never got over her.

I lose myself into my dead girlfriend's arms. We kiss, we make out and we do more... So much more... She might be dead, but that doesn't change anything, I can touch her spectral body just like she can touch me.

I won't hide it, I cheated on my boyfriend. I'm not proud of it, but I won't deny it either. I'm shirtless laying against the cold plastic of the playground. It's late now, nobody came since I arrived and if they had, I could have just made them leave and forget.

Mary lays in my arm, she's usually so cold and slimy to the touch but tonight I feel like she's normal, warm and almost alive. It's strange... She used to be full of anger, jealousy and filled a desire to dominate others, now, she's become so much closer than what she was in life.

It looks like she cares... About me, about Lou. She cares about more than just vengeance. But why? All that was in humanity that she had was lost long ago when I raised her and feed her my own life force.

Now she's become nice and human.

And so did I...

"We're linked... As I evolve so does she!" I scream mentally, making her jump like she was startled.

"Are you alright sweetie?" She ask me. I hear her voice sounding genuinely worried.

"Mary, how do you feel?"

"Good... You know I like spending time with you." She announces, sounding a tad bit confused by my question.

I look at her feature, which despite it being nearly pitch black I can see perfectly.

"You... You look older." I notice.

She looks down at herself and she notices it too. Having not paid much attention to her in the last few months I hadn't realised it either. Her body had matured over the last few months, something it hadn't done in the two year before I met Lou.

She almost playfully explored herself, she was taller, her breast had taken an actual size worthy of needing a bra. Even her skin was a few shades whiter instead of the gray color she had.

"How did that happen?" She ask in surprise.

"I think it's because of Lou."

She stares at me, making one of those funny expression she did when we were kids.

"I've changed since I met him. I spent two years after your death stuck in sorrows and anger. My body grew but my mind didn't... We're linked, you grew alongside of me when I did.

But you're also linked with Lou now. Look at yourself, half a year ago, you weren't more than a shell filled with anger and bitterness. Now, you're becoming like yourself again."

"I didn't like him..." She confess. "He was going to distract you from me... But now, I like him." She pouts and I feel like she's about to cry. "I want to be friends but he hates me..."

I hold her in my arm for what seems like a few minutes but in reality, Over an hour passes by as we share feelings through the body contact.

The End

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