First kissMature


It's dark when I arrive at the place I wanted to. I'm sweeting rather profusedly from the bike ride from all the way there. It was really far from my house, over an hour ride since it's in another town. I could have taken a cab or asked for a lift, but I needed time alone to think.

It's not extremely late, but there's no one in the playground at this hour. The place is rather isolated as a small wood cover two side while a large pond covers another. THe entrance to it is located at the end of a small backward road.

Since there's no one, I just go around the place, climbing on the palyground structure into the plastic tunnels. I've grown since I was last here so the inside is so cramped.

I lean against the wall of the cynlindrical tunnel while the other runs across the faded drawing on the opposite side. In half erased marker a heart has been drawn on the plastic. Inside the letters GW + ML.

Grey Walker + Marianne Lorenzo.

"You haven't came here for a long while..." Mary comments, appearing beside me, her head leaning against my shoulder.

She's right. I hadn't came here since I had met Lou...

"You still remember don't you?" She asks me.

"I do..." I admit, with a nolstalgic smile. "The first time we've kissed."

She leans to me and she kiss me, not a large kiss but just a small peck. It plunges me back into memories that were just as heart warming as they now hurt me.

We had known each other for years, I'd met her in my second grade class. Despite girls and boys never mingling at that age, we became best friends forevers in no time. I liked everything about her; her natural joy, her sense of humor, how bubbly she was all the time. I was a bit the opposite, reserved, observant and smart.

We grew up together and as did our mind and body, so did our hormones. When we first began dating, we were about eleven. We had never really aknowledged the feelings we held until our first kiss.

We had both snuck out of home after dark and met at this very park. We played, we goofed around and we both ended up taking a dive in the pond which was only a few feets deep.

I remember how embarassed and flustered I was when she came out, her white shirt transparent. There really wasn't anything to look at but I still looked away. She giggled at my reaction and I offered her my jacket, which had been kept dry since I had removed it.

We retrived it from the plastic tunnel and we chatted for a while until she said.


"What is it?" I asked not expecting anything.

"I... I like you." She said.

"I like you too Mary." I said with an oblivious smile.

"No... Eh..." She said, trying to find the words to explain it.

Instead she leaned onto me and kissed me. It was just an awkward peck, as it was both our first. As small as it was it light up a fire in my heart. I finally understood the signal; She liked me!

And... I liked her too.

I kissed her again, still akwardly but not quite as much as the first...

The End

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