Arggg... My head... It hurts...

I try to open my eyes as I lay on Grey's bed but the small amount of light is too painful to look at. I just curl up in fetal position clutching my head until I notice Grey's not in bed with me anymore...

I try to remember what happened last night, but it's too painful to even consider. Thinking is out of the question too... I just stay there, barely conscious about my surroundings.

I hear someone going down the stairs and comming to my bedside but I don't do anything about that.

"How are you feeling Lou?" Grey asks, setting his hand on my forehead. "You're feverish man."

"Thanks captain obvious..." I mutter painfully.

"Mary, can you help him?" He asks.

I feel her lying down next to me and she beggins kissing my neck, licking my hear and caressing my body with her hand. Slowly, the pain fades away but I'm left numb. Still, it's better than agonising pain.

If it wasn't for the fact she's dead and a specter, I'd send Mary to a psychologist, that girl has some serious issues with sex...

"Does she have to do that?" I ask Grey, annoyed.

"Kind of. She's feeding on your pain. However...Mary, tone it down please. Stop molesting my boyfriend."

She does so but we can feel her irritation, a slight boom of presure fills the room, sending papers and our hair floating.

"Thanks." I say sheepishly. "Why am I feeling so horrible?"

"You're head's still traumatised by what happened last night. The pain will fade really soon but you'll be prone to ghost feelings and memories for a few weeks..."

"Jeez... How come you're alright then?"

"I've had to deal with this several times. I'm not completly fine, but I can manage..."

"What time is it?"

"Three in the afternoon." He declares as he prepared a few things.

"WHAT!?" I scream, giving myself a backlash of pain in my head. "Ouchh...." I whine.

"Take this." He says, giving me a cup of water and two different types of pills. "It'll knock you out long enough so that when you wake up, your head will be fine."

I don't really argue. I preffer being knocked out then haveing the damn specter bad touching me... I gob down the things, drink the water in a single shot and then hand the glass back to Grey.

"How long does this take?" I ask.

"About twenty minutes to truly kick in. We can talk."

"What happened back there? I've never... shared your thoughts... Just emotions..."

"I think the link's expanding... No. I think our powers are growing. I'm getting more and more sensitive. I can see things I didn't before."

"Like what?"

"Memories that are held in objects, I can sometimes hear powerful thoughts, I catch other's feelings as my own..."


We continued to talk for a minute or two but I soon feel to sleep, quite a long way before he had predicted me to.

The End

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