The contact end between me and Carlos' last victim... I know by experience that it only lasted a few seconds but it felt like the entirety of everyone of those days, every detail and feeling perfectly remembered...

I feel so confused... Which one am I again? Alexandra or Grey? Which are the alien feelings and thoughts and which are the real ones?

I breathe in the cold air of the spring night. Breathing with the belly rather than the chest, like they teach to people who suffer from anxiety to do. I examine my own body contracting every muscle one by one. 

I can feel it... I'm definitely a guy, no arguing about it.

It takes a while to sort out my mind and get back to reality. It's then that I notice the girl looking at me worriedly.

"I'm alright." I pant out, mentally exhausted. But they don't seem reassured...

"It's not my they're looking at." I realize... I look beside me and I see Lou on the ground, gibbering and panicking. He must have touched me while I was reliving the ghost's memories... Proximity strengthen the link, body contact expand it even more.

"LOU!" I yell as I rush to his side. He doesn't know how to defend himself against psychic shock.

I hold him down by the shoulder, pinning him on the earth. "Listen to me Lou. What you've seen is not real. Your name is Lucas Tanner, Not Alexandra Millers. Do you understand?"

He continues yelling and rambling, his mind lost in a sea of non-sense trying to process the memories that contradict one another. While he does so, his hands claws at me, making nasty bleeding scratches on my arms. 

Behind me, Mia's frozen in fear or maybe she can't move because the ritual is still in effect... 

I try to make him wake up but words don't get through and this isn't something I can wait for him to snap out off...

"Sorry Lou." I mutters as I ram my knee up his crotch. He gasp in pain and holds his privates in pain. 

Not gentlemanly, but the body doesn't lie. "Listen, you are not Alexandra, you are Lou. MY Lou!" I say to him. He babbles but like a broken records I keep repeating who he is and what happened. Gradually, he calms down and he recognize me.

"Grey!" He yelps and I hug him. "What's up with your arms?" He then ask hesitantly.

"We're equal for the night terror incident. I'm fine. Don't worry." I say as I get up and then help him to get back on his feet.

"Let me fix this." Camilla offers, stepping out of the shadows, a medkit in hand.

Quickly, she bandages my arms like she was a professional. "She must have had a lot of practice." I note silently.

"There you go." She says offering me her warmest smile. "Mia can clean this up alone. I'll get you two back home in the meanwhile.

Neither of us argue and we walk mechanically and tiredly to where she parked her car. An old Mustang I believe... At this point, I can barely remember my home address, much less car models...

The End

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