Dead memories (Continued 2)Mature

((Still fucked up, skip if you're squemish or have taste...))

And that, was only the begining...

It continued for a long while. I was kept locked in the boiler room, chained to pipes and tape on my mouth when he wasn't by me. When he was, I couldn't even try to struggle or yell.

Every time, he went further, doing god knows what to my mind. He didn't hesitate with my body anymore either, bruises, cuts and burn were common. But that was nothing, he was no longer satisfied with just my mind to rape...

"Don't worry dear. It's almost over. Soon, you'll be free of that body and our souls will be together as one. We'll be happy." He alway talked so kindly to me I could do nothing but cry and cower even more...

On the third day as he was... Continuing his work... A loud knock stirs him away from me in more way than one. He tells me to be silent and I feel the lock on my mind forcing me to.

Upstair, I hear him chat with another man.

"Hey Carlos. Sorry if I'm bothering you, but my car's not starting. Can I borrow your jumper cables." Comes the voice of a man I don't know.

"Yeah... eh... sure..." My captor replies.

"Are you alright? You look... Beat."

"Yeah, I was just... working out. Give me a second and I'll get them for you."

He comes back down and smile at me as he grab something from a tool cabinet. He then goes back up and probably give the thing back to the stranger.

When he walks up to me again, he asks "Where were we again my love?" He returns to his task and I feel myself die inside once more.

However it doesn't last long as there's more banging on the door. He swears about his neighbor and is about to leave when we hear shouting.


I see his expression turn to horror and he begins gibbering.

"No, we aren't done... I can't let them take us apart anymore."

From the same cabinet, he takes out a shotgun and walks back upstair. I don't know what happens, but I can hear the gun shots run wild.

After a minute of silence however I hear someone going down the stairs... It takes what seems like three months for the person to come down and into my sight range.

"HELP ME!" I scream, no longer feeling the presure of the bad man's mind.

The police man called his fellow officers and they rescue me.


A week has passed now...

To the cops, I explained everything and now they want me to see a psychiatrist. They think the mind control he did is just my mind remembering wrong to protect me from the trauma...

The neighbor had luckily noticed the school shoes I had let upstair in an automatic gesture, his daughter had the same as they were part of the uniform my school had. Along side it, was my backpack which I alway dumped on the floor when comming home, a bad habbit that probably saved me.

With my kidnapper nervous, the other man had added 2 and 2 together and figured something was wrong.

"My love..." comes a whisper carried by the wind. The bad man's dead, Carlos is dead...

I still hear him often. He speak to my at night... He speak to me in my dreams... I feel his touch when I'm outside. I can't escape it... Even in death he haunts me.

As I wake up for the twentieth time this night, I stumble out of bed and go to the bathroom. I shake as I look into the mirror; I see his silouette in there.

I have to escape. But nowhere is safe. My hands accidentally hit my father's razor and I receive a tiny cut. I watch blood pearl down my finger.

I know how to escape him now...

The End

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