Dead memories (Continued)Mature

((Warning; Nightmare fuel is begining. For the squeemish, skip dead memories. There'll be a recap in the next titled chapter))

The man that rescued me drives on and I sit there in silence. When we stop, it's not at my house.

The rest goes on so fast I can barely think of what I'm doing. We both go inside, then down to the basement, I have my hands cuffed to something, a pipe I believe yet I don't panic.

Everytime I feel doubts, the stranger tells me to relax and do as he says and I do... Why? Why am I doing what he says? I feel like I've got no choice...

The man leaves me alone for several minutes and it's only then I realise what's going on.

"How did I end up here?" I ask myself muttering...

I'm now laying on a dirty concrete floor chained to a pipe... All I can remember are hazzy things like an attack... Someone helping... going home... It seems so distant, like I'm remembering a movie I saw.

"Is anyone here?" I yell.

"Patience dear girl." Says a man's voice I almost recognise.

The man who spoke comes toward me, a large knife in hand. I recognise his face now. He looks so different from when I encountered him with Grey... "Who's Grey?" I ask myself confused. I look at the man again. I don't know him...

"Please don't hurt me mister." I sob, my eyes tearing up in terror.

"I won't hurt such a beauty." He promises. "But why do you hide under these?" He says, removing my clothes...

I'm about to scream when he looks at me. "Please don't scream. Just be quiet and lovely."

I try to speak but no sounds come out of my mouth. Much to my surprise and relief, he doesn't do anything once he finish denuding my body... Instead, he just sits next to me.

"I love girls..." He admit. "Not as in relationships, I love who they are, what they are. So pretty, mind, body and soul."

"Not like boys..." He continues. "Boys are mean and ugly. Both in body and soul. All the contrary to girls."

I try to speak, my lips move but the sound doesn't come out.

"You can speak my girl. But please, keep it down."

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"You know, I wanted to be a girl myself. My parents did not like it and they forced the male gender on my person. Now, as an adult I could have changed sex but I now understand why my parents didn't want me to be a girl."

"Wh--Why..." I stutter.

"I already have the mind. I can get the body. But I still lack the soul of one. It's all I need to be happy. Surely as a good girl you'll help me will you?"

Tears flow down from my tears. I can't stand this, being locked with a madman, naked and chained.

"Don't cry. I won't hurt you."

His knife's point travels around my body, which I atempt to cover as best as possible.
He comes closer with joy in his eyes.

"It might be painful." He whispers to my ear. "But it won't really hurt you. You'll be fine, you'll be with me. Don't worry, I practised with the other girls." He says so in a comforting voice that chills my spine.

"Please let me go..." I plead as loudly as I can. Which is barely above a whisper.

His lips meet mine and I feel a horrible sensation, like something intruded in my mind and is violating it. My body feels numb and distant but I still feel him onto me... It's impossible to truly describe...

Mentally, It feels like a thousand rats gnawing at your flesh, while a man robs your of your dignity and innocence, then add the greatest migraine possible along with a ear screaching sound that makes it throb even futher...

I'm going to die today... I miss my family...

The End

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