Dead memoriesMature


Beside me, Grey grasps his head and ne falls down on his knees, screaming like a madman and crying. I feel the pain he's feeling, the pain that he channels from the dead ghost.

"What's going--" I scream as I reach for Grey.

When I touch him, the link we share extends and I see and feel what he now does...


I'm walking to school from home. It's now fall and october will be soon. I shiver under the cold wind, my skirt's too short... I hope they'll change for winter uniforms soon...

"Who am I?" I ask myself.

I'm not a guy anymore... Wait...was I ever a boy? Why am I feeling so weird, so confused?

I hurry up, I'm going to be late so I take a shortcut through an alley. I only realise it's a bad call when as I run, I hit a guy by accident. I look up to apologize when I notice who I just hit. They wear gang colors and I see their armed...

"What's your problem dumb broad?" One of the guy calls me out.

"I'm so sorry..." I apologize meekly.

"Such a cute girl." Another comment. "Why don't you apologize better?" He then propose suggestively.

I take a few step back, my heart racing, when I hit another that moved in my back. I'm about to apologize again when they surround me. One of them takes out a switchblade and gets much closer to me, running the tip on my blouse...

"Please... Leave me alone." I beg.

They share a laugh and sinister grin and the one on my left rips of my top, breaking the buttons that keep it there. I begin to scream but they continue. My eyes tear up as they grope my body.

All of a sudden, they stop. I'm crying and can barely see, but I see something hitting the guy I had first ran into on the head and he hits the ground. The two guy that held me down let go and they run away in fear.

I don't see my savior beyond a blur but I thank him. "Thank you mister!" I cry.

He sets something on my shoulder. A coat I believe.

"Come, I'll take you home." He says.

I nod and follow him. We leave the alley and he brings me to an old chevy van. He open the passenger's door for me. For a second, I hesitate. My parents had alway told me not to trust strangers..

"Thanks... but I think I'll walk..."

"Please, just come. I won't hurt you."

He says that looking right in my eyes... "Alright." I say, mechanically. I still know this is a bad idea but I obey. Why am I doing this? I should run.

I try to make myself run but I can't... I just sit down as we srive off...

The End

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