Interview with a ghostMature


Infront of us, Mia's working her mojo. Saying things I don't understand, walking around the circle, messing around with things... I don't get it and it's been twenty minutes now.

"Is it alway this long?" I whisper to the older woman.

"I can do it in two minutes top." She answers back in the same low tone.

"Why is she taking so much time then?"

"She's still an apprentice. She need all that ritual stuff to concentrate. To someone of my level, it's unnessary on simple work like this. If I was to summon something big like let's say a Seraph, I would be on the same level as she is presently."

"Oh..." I aknowledge the fact. It makes sense... I think.

Finally, after half an hour, the circle begins emiting a an errie purple glow, which makes the ambiance rather moody, while the candles burst aflame. Blue flames to be precise... In the middle of it all, from the ground comes a puddle of grey ectoplasm that twist and writhe until it adopt the shape of a thirteen or so girl.

She looks around and begin to panic, turning her hue into muddy green. I can see long scars that run alongs her arm, dripping grey matter... Lou's looking at me. He must sense my incomfort.

"Are you alright?"

"Me yes... But I can feel her sorrows... she killed herself." He hugs me silently but after a second, Camilla pushes us.

"I think it's your turn boys."

I approach still holding Lou against me. At the moment, I need him by my side. "Can you hear us?"

"Who are you..? Where am I..? Why is everything dark..? What happened to me..?" Her voice drones on, streching every syllable.

"I'm Grey and you're... eh..." I stumble trying to find an answer.

"It's us!" Lou helps. "Lucas and Grey from class. Don't you remember?"

"I... I... I do not..."

"You're in the hospital, do you remember the accident?" Lou continues, baiting her.

"...the Accident..?"

"Don't you remember? The car you were in crashed after it hit an ice patch."

"...I see..." she aknowedge in the same dreary voice.

"She's kind of dense." Lou whispers to my ear.

"It's the trauma of death. This is just her memories, the moment of death isn't imprinted on it..." I says back in a low voice.

"Do you remember the man? The bad man that took you?"

"I... I... don't re--" The ghost stops halfway as she says that.

Carlos' last victims falls down to the ground and her body begin to convulse as it very rapidly changes colors. The others, Lou excepted, can't feel it, but I do. I can feel the events of the day, her terror, her sadness and all that scared her mentally...

"I remember now." The ghost announce. Her voice no longer drawn out and distant. "Remember what he said, what he did and what he didn't do... No. What he couldn't do when I escaped."

The End

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