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I have to admit, Grey's parents aren't as bad as I thought they were... Maybe they just really care about Grey and they couldn't handle him... That must be why they wanted me to convince him

After leaving Grey's place, we did as he had suggested. He had a point, we were a couple, it would be nice if we had OUR room instead of just my or his room for the two of us.

But after we didn't stick around to wait for Grey's parents at his place. We had things to do afterall. As promised, we went back at Mia's place at nine. When she open the door, she is already ready to go, her jacket is on and a backpack had been slung over her shoulder.

"We're going somewhere?" I asked her.

"Yes. I'm not doing this here..." She says and then she whispers "Hell, my parents don't even know about all this stuff"

"Oh... Aren't you afraid they'll find out?" Grey ask.

"My parents are cool, unlike yours. They don't mind my orientation for one and for second, they let me freedom to choose my religion so I doubt they'll care."

"Then why didn't you come out?" Grey taunts her.

"It still all kind of sound crazy. I'm waiting for a good occasion." She replies with a shrug.

"Alright. Where are we going?" I insist, not wanting to start an arguement right now.

"I've got a I prepared spot for this."

She took us to a woods a while away. It was on the edge of town and it took us over thirty minutes to get there.

"We should have taken our bikes..." I mumble.

"A little too late handsome." Grey teases me.

He and Mia smile and I feel myself blush... I'm not shy about kissing in public or anything, but I don't take compliments well...

After walking for several minutes in the wood, we arrived at a small clearing in the forest that's between several thick patches and mini ravines. If it wasn't for Mia, we would never have found it...

"How did you find this place?" I ask as I gaze around.

I can't see anything perticular until we get closer. It's only then I notice that a circle of metal was set inside the ground. I could also see small bowl like candle holders on six extremity of the circle.

"You set all of this up?" I questioned, rather impressed.

"Actually, she didn't." Comes a voice from the shadows.

The woman steps out of the tree covers and I instantly recognise her. "Evening Miss. Camilla." I greet her.

"Respectful and formal. Good boy." She says mockingly. "Just Camilla will do."

"You're here to do this in her place?" Lou asks after waving her hello.

"I'm not I'm here for two reasons. Reason one I'm hereto make sure everything's safe it doesn't turn into a nightmare like last time you assisted her. Reason number two; Let's consider this her mid term exam."


"Ok. Mia, it's your turn to show us what you've got."

The concerned girl turned around and began preparing her stuff.

The End

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