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Altough Lou's feeling lovey-dovey at the moment, I push him to clean up quickly. I honestly don't want my parents to think we've began having sex mid conversation... That'd just be wrong...

He oblige but only after I make out throughly with him. To be honest, the water's kind of distracting... We dry up quickly and get our clothes back on.

When we go back up, my parents are speaking to each other in hushed tones. When he see us both wet, a fact given away by our long damn hair, my father raise and eyebrow.

"Lou's too much of a baby to wash by himself." I say, elbowing him.

"Hey!" He whines playfully, giving me an amused grin.

We sit back down and my father begins talking first. "We've talk about this and given it a lot of thoughts. About the whole situation."

"And about the treatment what did you convene?"

He take a deep breath and sigh. "Honestly I have no idea... It's just hard to process the whole power thing... I'm not even sure I want to understand..."

Which is understandable, he's a professor of physics at the university, a man of science, he believed that science and phychology was the right thing.

"Then, I need to know something, I want an honest answer."

"What is it honey?" My mother ask.

"Do you have anything against Lou being my... Well, boyfriend."

"It's just weird... I mean after Marianne. We didn't know you were... Bisexual..?" She admits, hesitant with the last word. "But if that's what you want, then it's alright. We won't oppose it."

"Neither did I..." I comment to myself in my head. When she says they're cool with it, a smile cracks my stoicism to pieces. I smile warmly and so is Lou. "Dissaster aboarded."

"I guess we won't have grand children." My father let out, shruging.

"We could alway adopt or get a surogate mother..." I offer, trying to comfort them.

There's an akward silence for a minute or two until my mom breaks it asking; "Will you come back here?"

I look a brief bit at Lou before answering. "Yes. But there's one condition. If I'm staying over here, so can Lou and unconditionally."

They trade a glance and nod in unison. "That's more than acceptable. But one condition. If he's living here for a while, he does his share of tasks." My father declares.

Technically that breaks the unconditionally part, but my father's a bit of a cleaning freak when it comes to his house. "I can do that." Lou affirms.

"I think we've got a deal then." My father announces.

"We do." I answer back.

"When are you comming back?" My mom asks in a tone that lies halfway between relief and hesitation.

"Tonight?" I ask Lou. He nods back to confirm it.

"It's nearly time for me to go." My father says. "But I can take off for today."

"Nah, Lou and I have things to do." I counter. "First off, I'm going to bring some of my stuff to his place and vice versa." My boyfriend looks curiously at me. "It's time we stop living in each other's room, don't you think."

"Yep!" He claims, shining with happiness.

The End

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