At this point, slipping out of my body had become quite easy. I've been practising daily for months. Doing things however is much harder...

You have to think about everything so all actions that are normally automatic aren't anymore. Sure, your soul is less limited out of the confine of your brain but keeping several process at the same time can get confusing when you aren't used to it.

There are also things you'll freak out about at first. Not breathing is one of them. So is going through matter. You can walk on the floor only because you think you can.

It's not helped by the fact emotions are the driving forces here. To attack something, you have to feel agressive. To hide you have to feel shy or cowered. That's how things work.

I walk toward the counter where the shakers are and touch one of them, my hand goes through.

"Okay... Confidence Lou. You can do it, you've done it before." I afirm to myself in ghostly talk that only Grey can possibly hear.

I grab the salt and this time, my hand catches it. I try to pull it up but it's way too heavy for me... Instead it just shakes...

"It's not my home... so it's not my stuff..." I grumble. "But it Grey's place and what ever belongs to him is also mine." I focus myself.

I manage to make the thing spin in place for a few seconds and asured I can do it, I lift the thing with all my ghostly strenght. It's so darn heavy... I feel like a body builder in a weight lifting competition.

Finally it floats an inch or two about the ground for a few seconds before I can't take it anymore. The fatigue kicks me back to my trancing body.

There's shivers running all over my body and I'm wet with sweat as my physical body, being connected to my spiritual's, also feels the stress and trauma of the other. After that fight with the demon, my eye kept twitching and I could see anything with it until a few days later...

I look up, opening my eyes and look up at Grey's parents as I breathe heavily. They're in shock from what they've seen.

"Are you alright Love?" Grey asks, visibly worried as he kiss me on the cheek.

"Yeah... just tired..." I pant out. "Satisfied now?" I ask his parents defiantly.

They take an entire minute before answering. "How did you do that? Witchcraft?" His mother questions.

"Not really... I just hop out of my body and move around..."

"I need a moment..." She says, heading for the bathroom.

"She's not the only one." Grey aknowledge. He then push me downstair to the second bathroom. "You need a shower Lou. It'll get you back kicking and give them time to recover."

"Alright. But you also come." I say with a mischievous smile.

"It's soooooo not the time." He grins. "I'll jump in but it remains R rated. 'Kay?"

"Fiiiiiine." I say, closing the door behind us.

The End

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