Parents reduxMature


"Are you ready?" Lou asks me as we stand infront of my parent's house.

"Not really, but we've got to get this done." I answer.

It's technically my house, but I still knock on the door and waiting for them to open instead of just walking in. "It's not really my home anymore." I think

After a few seconds, my father opens the door. "What can I do--" He begins but interupt his sentense when he sees who we are. "Grey!"

"Morning dad." I reply as neutral as I can.

"Pl-please come on in. It's also your home."

He brings us to the kitchen, which lies two steps above the living room. The kitchen, dinning area and living room are all in one big open space. The former two being on a small elevation comepared to the latter.

"Grey!" My mother squee, then running toward me, pulling me into a hug. "You're finally back..."

I let her do it but I don't return it. I just glance at Lou, who's standing beside me, with mild irritation. I hope they're not going to play it like nothing happened...

"Alright, I'll come out right now, we need to talk if we're going to continue having any contact. Much less having me living here again." I announce once she let go of me.

We all sit down and I begin talking. "First thing I want to establish. Regardless of what you think, I'm fine. I don't need therapies or medication. Even if we go saying that what I'm seeing are just hallucinations, I'm fine, I'm dealing with all of it well. Is that clear?"

"Why do you oppose against it? You know we just want you happy..." My mother declares.

"I don't need it, I'm happy as I am and I don't want to end up drugged out of my mind."

"What about Marianne? You said she was tormenting you." My father points out.

"Because she is. Her spirit is litteraly bound to me. Just ask Lou."

They all look at him and he blushes, making him look even cuter.

"I've seen her... So has my father if you want more evidence." He respond timidly.

"How is that possible?" My parents asks together.

"I have no answer... I just began to see things before she died and when she did, I saw her as a ghost. I wanted to help her so I took her with me. I don't know why I can see and do things..." I admit, looking at the ground.

"This is really hard to believe..." My father sighs.

"Do you want proof?" Lou propose much to my surprise. He then looks around and motions at the salt and pepper shaker. "Just give me a minute."

He sits down in indian on the chair and begin breathing slowly. He continues for a minute and nothing happen.

"This is ridiculous." My father announce, standing back up.

Just as he says, the salt shaker begins shaking and then, turning in circles until slowly rising in the air still spinning...

"Mother of god..." My mom whispers.

The End

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