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It's now the weekend so we went to Mia's house before going to see his parents and try to fix mess no.42. I don't get what he mean to do. Last night he showed me an ond brush saying it was our key to finding Carlos' motives...

"Morning boys." Mia yawns out as she open the door, still in her Pajamas.

"Morning Mia. Like I said, we need your help with something." Grey says while I wave at her.

"And it couldn't wait after noon?"

"You've got your private lessons tonight."

"Touché." She replies. "What do you need me for?"

"I need your mojo to call something back."

"I'm not summoning another of these things." She warns him her tone severe.

"Nothing like that. I need you to bring a spirit back. I got something from the person so you should be able to do it right?"

I arche a brow but let them continue.

"And risk doing a redo of last time?"

"Ask Lou, I can protect you from plain old ghosts."

She looks at me inquisitively.

"First time we met, we had to fight a ghost." I admit, however omitting the fact I had to save grey's cute ass.

"Alrighlt." She sighs. "Camilla's showed me how to defend myself so it shouldn't be too dangerous. We can't do it in the day. Come back at nine."

"Thanks Cam. You're the best!" Grey claims happily, even going as far as to hug her.

"Okay, grey. No need to lose your marbles over this. Now if you excuse me, I have a date with my bed and then a gallon of coffee..." She says. A second later, she closes the door and go back inside.

We begin walking to Grey's house, well his old house. His parents aren't at work yet as it's only 8:20 they only leave at 10. As we walk, we chat about his plan which he hadn't exactly explained in detail yet.

"Who's ghost do you want to raise?"

"One of his victim. She managed to escape after three days of captivity. However, she commited suicide the next week..." He says stoicaly.

"Jeez..." I say, kind of depressed at the idea of hearing about this.

"I think she had the time to see the killer, she wasn't raped yet she was traumatised."

I nod. "How did you get the brush?" I then ask rather curious as to how he managed to get this.

"I did a lot of research while we were preparing for our little date. With the guy's name, I managed to get access to a lot of info. Including his victims. The escaped girl is the one who snitched his location and identity.  As for the brush, her sister still has an Altar about her in her house. I went there and just asked if I could have it."

I frown at him, he knows what I think of him using mind control. It's kind of bad and a jerk thing to do...

"I'll give it back when we're done!" He excuses himself.

"I'll make sure of it!" I claim defiantly.

"Suit yourself."

The End

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