Lou's now changing back into his man form. It would be nice if he had some kind of power ranger's morpher so we wouldn't have to find unisex bathrooms if we have to keep on doing this...

I admit, it was weird seeing him dressed in drags at first, but he pulled it off nicely, I couldn't have guessed his sex if I hadn't known. Altough his walk in heels was rather clumsy for the first hour or so.

I admit, I had fun playing the part too. Altough maybe I put too much cologne or not enough deodorant... He spent the evening sniffing me... While he's not looking, I check my body odor. It seems good so I assume it's the perfume.

"Did you have fun?" I ask him as I take his arm, hooking it with mine.

He nods vigorously. "It was awesome!"

"And you looked adorable." I tease him, making him blush rather hard.

"...I was?" he ask all timid.

I make a cross on my heart. "I swear it's true."

He smiles again, shining his white teeths from early ear to ear.

"How did you find the experiment?" I press him.

"I don't know. It was fun but I don't really think I want to be a girl. It's so complicated... With the breasts, hair, shaving and all that..."

"So you're back to being a boy in spirit and body?"

He nods again. "I think it was just my old emotions that overwhelmed me."

I slap his ass, hard enough to make a loud clap sound. "Back to normal then, just how I like you."

"You wouldn't have loved me as a girl?"

"I would. But now you're back to normal, no more brooding and indecision. Just my plain cute and fun Lou."

Our lips meet for yet another kiss, I never get tired of it, his lips, his tongue, his skin, his smell. Everytime I feel them, I'm happy and all my worries fade away. I forget Mary, I forget the ghosts, I forget Carlos...

I forgot to tell Lou! I'm about to speak when he begins.

"Want to go home?" He asks.

"Let me call a cab." I say, using my phone's speed dial.

"how much did you spend  tonight?" He ask with a worried look.

"A bit, but my parents are still sending money to my account weekly. So it's alright."

"It's been a month... You think we should talk to them?"

I look down... I honestly don't want to, but yeah, we need to talk to them.

"Yeah. We'll drop by tommorow to talk?" I propose.

"It'll do."

I nod. Seems like I'm forgetting something... What was it again? Damn.

Finally the taxi pulls out next to us and we head back home. I search for money when I hit the thing I had forgotten. "Here's thirty, keep the change." I say as I go out.

When the car is away from us, I show the tiny item I had in my pocket to Lou.

"What's that?"

"Our next clue as to who exactly Carlos is."

The End

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