A strait dateMature


"Oh my god... this is so embarassing..." I mutters as I come out of the unisex bathroom after changing.

Grey greats me with a smile and takes my hip, dragging me closer. "You look perfect."

I'm blushing so hard, it looks like I've got make up on... Which I do, but just a light touch around the eyes and lips. I'm wearing the stuff we've gathered secretly over the last few days.

I didn't want to go all out so I'm wearing leggings under the skirt. I've put a blouse on, which I like. The padded bra though is just weird to wear... It feels akward. I think I'm better off flat chested...

To be sure nobody would risk recognising us we went downtown, leaving the suburbs behind. I like the city, it's no way as quiet and tranquil as our town, there's restaurent, stores and clubs everywhere. There's stuff to do for every possible demographics.

First step on our date is the movie theater. Naturally, Grey picked something appropriate for a lady. One of those big budget actioner with losts of explosions, just like I love. I like watching brain dead movies, they let me empty my mind...

Grey and I hold hand and kiss at several points in the movie, ignoring what's going on. It's so nice to be able to do that without anyone judging us.

The good thing is I can pull the crossdressing out, I may be fifteen, but I have no facial hair and my voice is really gender neutral.The only problem is the way I walk...

I should have stuck with sneakers instead of stealtily borrowing one of Kathy's pair of small heeled shoes. Not that she'll notice, she must have a hundred... Why does she even need so many damn pairs? Good thing I didn't take the high heels...

The movie's now over and I can't remember much about it except that Grey's cologne smells really, really, good... Apparently, I'm not the only one who went the extra mile.

Next on our tour, is the restaurant and not just fast food. Grey drags me to a really nice place in little italy. He's even acting all gentlemanly, opening doors for me, drawing my chair that kind of stuff. Some girls would get offended for being treated like this but I think it's cute.

And to think I was so worried about what he's think of all this... Why did I even doubt him? He stood by my side all this time didn't he? Beside, he likes girls too so this isn't really out of his territory...

Actually... Thinking about it, I don't think he really like men... I think it's just me that he loves regardless of my gender. Which is really nice and kind of flattering.

The place is expensive, but Grey insist I pick whatever I want regardless. I end up settling on Cotoletta, which is veal from what they menu says, while he takes something called Spaghetti alla puttanesca... Which doesn't have a really flattering name but it looks tasty anyway.

The dinner goes by with us chatting about everything and nothing while enjoying the absolutly fabulous, and probably expensive, dinner.

The End

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