I think I got sucked off into a parallel world in my sleep... On any normal day, I'm moody and serious while Lou's being the bubbly and energetic guy. Today, things are reversed, I'm the one trying to cheer him up while he's feeling gray, so much so he might as well have Evanescence playing where ever he go.

I know something happened last night, but he hasn't talked about it yet and I don't want to push him. I believe he needs time to think about what happened and what the specter did to him...

"What's up with Lou today?" Mia whispers to my ear as the music teacher's focusing on the guys with the wind instruments. Mia and I are guitarists so the teach doesn't mind us speaking while we wait.

"He had a face to face with Carlos." I reveal in a hushed tone.

"Shit... Is he alright?"

"Apparently. He's unharmed, but something's been bothering him..."

"Do you know what?"

"I wish I did." I sigh out.

"You didn't talk to him?"

"He needs to think about it he says."

"You should push him a bit, I mean, you're there to support each others right?"

"Yeah... I guess I'll confront him when we're home if he hasn't spoken by then."

The music teacher calls us back to order as it's our turn to practise our parts. I do it somewhat absently, my fingers just playing mechanically while my mind boils with question.

What was it that shocked him so much?

Maybe it was about that Josh dude. Lou had a crush on him before... Nah. He demolished his ass a while ago, I doubt it has something to do with it.

His mother? I know she died of breast cancer when he was eight... Maybe it's something he did or said he had forgotten...

It could be about his father too. He wasn't exactly supportive of his son's orientation but he's now cool with it... Actually, now, it's more the whole specter thing he doesn't approve of, understandably so.

I sigh out loud just at the same time the bell rings, it's now the morning break. I pack my stuff and drop it off at my locker, which I now share with Lou. He had one with another guy but he's now using mine since the other was a douchebag that picked on him.

He's there before me and I hug him as he struggled with the combination. He absently return the attention. We drop our stuff and head outside to enjoy the spring weather that finally broke through.

However, much to my dismay, he stays silent all the way through... Samething happen in Geography, then english and finally PE. He stays as silent as the grave all day despite the affection I shower him with, ignoring the glares of the other students.

As we're heading home however, he takes another route and I follow him to the park where he first met our dear friend Carlos...

"I've thought about it all day and night..." He mutters, finally breaking the unbearable silence. "I think I'm good to talk now..."

The End

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