I'm dreaming again. It's not a nightmare but it troubles me. I see once more the scene that the specter brought out again in my memory...


It was around spring, I was 4 and three apples high at the time. I was a small, shy but curious kid at the time.

That day, our father was at work and our mother stepped out for a few minutes to get something at the corner store. My oldest sister Lucianne was 12 at the time so it was alright though.

I remember the twins comming back from school, giggling like the little school girl they were. They were hard to differentiate at the time, now they both have their own style but back then, they shared everything.

I was in the living room, trying as hard as I could to decypher the then occult glyphes in a garfield comic strip from my brother's room. I knew the letters but not all the sound they made in groups.

Next to me, Mittens purrs loudly as he rubs himself against me. Occasionally, I sneeze, being alergic to cats but the old Mit had been in the family since I was in my mother's belly.
So he stayed here. Beside, I liked the old furball despite the fact he made me itchy and sneeze a lot.

"Lucas!" Lucianne scream as she sees me.

I look at her with big eyes, shining with curiosity. "Yes?" I ask shily.

"Let's play a game." She says with a machiavelian smile.

I set the book down and nods. She drags me to her room where the other girls are already waiting, all with the same grin as Lucy.

"What's the game?" I ask when she close the door behind us.

"Dress up!" Kathy exclaims cheerfully.

Before I understand what's going on, they remove my shorts and tee. Like a pit crew in a nascar event, they team up on me. After a few incomprehensible minutes, I end up in a pink laced dress as Lucy applies make up to my face.

I don't get what's really going on but I don't struggle. I'm a doormat when it comes to standing up for myself...

When they're done, I look like a little princess, wearing a dress, a plastic tiara, lipstick from our mom's stuff and even nail paint. They push me infront of the mirror just as the door opens.

My father comes into the room without knocking. "Lucy have you seen--" He says as he enter but he stops once he notice what's going on.

He takes my sisters away and begin yelling at Lucy for doing this as she's suposed to be responsible at her age. I don't really listen as I'm lost in the mirror's reflection.

"I look cute." I think as my mother takes me away to the bathroom...

The End

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