Two weeks after the fight with the demon, my arm was good to go. The docs were stunned to see the recovery as I hadn't needed surgery and in that short span of time I had healed almost completly and I didn't lose any mobility with my arm.

Maybe it's part of the psychic thing, but I alway healed in very little time, knife wounds healed like papercuts. I didn't even get scars from all these! Not even when I suffered severe burns all over my left arm.

Which helped to keep me alive and well considering what I did in my spare time. Lou often accompagnied me when I went hunting for spirits. At first physically but now he came in spirit as he was more useful like that.

Altough I know how Lou learned to do this, I don't really mind it.

I know Mary really well, she probably pushed him for spectral sex. I know he kissed her but I know Lou too, he doesn't feel anything for her. Plus, she's not even physical, he just made contact with ectoplasm. And lastly, I don't own Lou, he's free of his own actions. We're boyfriends, but it doesn't mean we own each other.

"Maybe you should ask him in marriage." Mary says, appearing next to me and startling the heck out of me.

"MARY! Don't do that!" I scold her.

"You love him don't you?"

"Yes. More than anything."

"More than me?" She asks pained.

I sigh. "We've gone over this Mary, many times. I'm with Lou now but that doesn't mean I don't love you or that I've forgotten you."

She hugged me with her cold ectoplasmic body. "I like Lou too. He's nice. He let me kiss him too. Will you marry him?"

"Why are you fixated on that tonight?"

"You should marry the one you love!" She claims cheerfully. Probably a remain of her old personality...

"Marry Lou..." I mutters...

I hadn't really thought of it before. I never really think about the future, I live in the present and the past but not the future... What were we going to do next? So many questions...

As for marriage, we could. Same sex marriage was legal up here so that wasn't a problem. But did I want to? What did it mean to me? 'till death do us apart... by how I lived, that meant very little time...

"Fuck it..." I muttered.

I'm not even above the legal age of consent, I have years to think about it all. Why torture myself over this now? I had a whole life ahead of me. All I needed to do was destroy one Specter and I'd be free from this burden...

"Still brooding?" Lou's voice came from behind me.

He had been away when I came back to the clinic since today was Sunday so he went to church and then a youth group dinner event thingy.

"Kind of..." I replied.

"Now you've got that cast off, We can finally have fun!" He grinned.

"It's barely 8 in the afternoon... We might have time to sleep when we're done." I teased him as he dragged me to his room.

The End

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