Next to me, Grey works on his laptop, trying to find the answers he's been searching for all this time. For a second relief illuminates his face but his expression soon goes sour.

"What is it Grey?" I ask.

"Turns out he's burried not far from here... But check this out." He says, turning the laptop in my direction.

I quickly read the article, speaking about our man. And I realise that the problem is not the location but the burial. So people wouldn't desecrate his grave and body, he had put it in his testament that he wished to be encased in cement...

"How are we going to do it?" I ask.

"No idea, we can't just dig him up..."

"Is there another way?" Mia asks us.

"Maybe you could use your magic." Jen offers.

She shakes her head and explains; "I'd get killed by Camilla if I do another summoning on my own initiative..."

"So it's back to square one for us..." Grey says, sighing in irritation.

"Can't we take it head on? With Mary, you and I, shouldn't we have enough power?" I propose.

"Mary's a banshee, she can't even attack him directly. As for you, I'm not sending you against something with fifthy years more experience than you."

"Speaking of the ghost girl." Mia asks "What exactly is she doing? Why can't we see her?"

"Because you aren't psychics and you don't have a link with her like Lou does. As for what she's up to, she's whispering at some girls to brew a fight."

"Why?" Jennifer asks.

"She feeds of emotions so she's fueling tension in a love triangle."

"So... How do we gain a link with a ghost?" She then questions.

Three pair of eyes turn toward me and I feel myself melt from discomfort. "Eh... You actually have to kiss her..."

The girl looks shocked but Grey remains unaffected, since he knows the whole gist of it.

"Wow Lou, I thought you didn't like girls." Jen mocks me.

"I don't! I was just burried under this avalanche... and she was there too... I knew who she was and she offered... this deal." I defend myself, all flustered and tripping all over my own words.

"Is kissing a girl different than a guy?" Mia asks.

"It's a spirit, it's not even the same thing! It not about lips and bodies but souls and... I'm sinking deeper into the sand aren't I?"

"Yep." Grey responds, dragging me closer and kissing me strongly despite half the school being able to see us. Before, I would have hesitated, but now I'm no longer afraid to show who I am so I kiss back with the same passion as he demonstrate.

"What would happen if I kissed her too?" Jen asks, kind of killing the mood with her usual tactlessness.

"Don't even think about it." Mia countered.

"Awwww.... Lame."

The End

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