After a short night of sleep, I ended up in the hospital. Turns out I broke my shoulder when that horse-lion monster kicked me so now I'm stuck with my right arm in a cast. Luckily, I'm left handed so it's not too much of a pain, especially for school.

Naturally my parents were called at the emergency room but I shooed them off, saying it was just an accident and I was fine.

On the flip side, it does make sleeping a real pain as I'm stuck with my arm on my belly and can't sleep on naything but my back. It's also akward for when Lou and I... You get the point. It's been about a week and I'm begining to get used to it.

Since math is over, Lou and I head for the cafeteria, where Mia and Jen should be. They've made up after the whole demon summoning fiasco. Which means there's atleast one good thing that came out of that mess I guess.

"Hey girls." I say, taking a seat infront of them while Lou gets me my lunch.

"Good afternoon Grey." Mia answers, her face burried in a book as she munches on a sandwhich absently.

"What are you reading?"

"Some mystic hoodoo stuff." Jen answers before Mia can.

"Funny Jenny. I'm doing my homework for my new... classes. Camilla's harsh teacher, she doesn't like slacking." She sighs.

"Speaking of her, I really should meet her. To make sure you two aren't doing anything nasty." Her girlfriend answer, half-serious.

"I don't think she swings that way... Especially for jailbait." I comment.

"I'll take that as a compliment... I guess." Jen states.

After a minute, Lou comes back with our food. One thing I do like about this school is the cafeteria, altough they removed junk food a few years back, they actually cook well and makes the healthy stuff edible. Something my previous school failed miserably at.

I kiss my boyfriend as a thank you despite the staring glares of nearby idiots. It's been a while and it seems like people are beggining to have a grudging acceptance of our relationship as there's not much people that try to bully us for it anymore. I even saw two more gay couple come out in the last few months.

"By the way" I begin "I found some promissing leads on our man; Carlos Sanson."

"Cool!" Lou says "What did you find?"

I take out my Laptop and notice Mia dropped her reading and is listening too.

"Turns out he was a serial killer... Killed a dozen young girls in their early teens in the 60's. When the the police found him, he killed himself rather than face prison. I'm however still trying to find where he was burried..."

"Why?" Jen asks, clueless.

"If we burn the body, we could get rid of him potentially."

"Ewwww... Nasty... You do that often?"

"Yeah..." I admit, not exactly excitedly.

I punch in a few different key words on some search engines trying to find what I need until I finally get my answer...

The End

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