I wake up from my trance and throw up the content of my stomach on the alley ground. Next to me, Mia stares wide eyes.

"What happened Lou? You just sat down and passed out!" She says almost screaming in panic

"I went and helped Grey. I left my body behind." I admit.

She looks halfway between confusion and incredulity. I don't explain myself further and I just grab her hand and drag her to Grey's position, back to the court. Seeing our direction, she tries to break off but I hold her arm tighter.

"What are you doing! We can't go back there!"

"The way is clear, someone wants to talk to you."

She babbles incomprehensibly, probably trying to get me to let go. I just continues and see the woman sitting on a park bench next to my boyfriend.

"There they are, our two little lovebirds!" The woman claims, mockingly.

"We're back..." I announce, stating the obvious.

"This is her?" She asks, serious as hell this time.

I nod and let her hand go. I don't think this is going to end well, but I can't exactly disobey after seeing what she's capable of.

"What's your name girl?"

"Mia..." My friend says timidly, unlike her usual demeanor.

"I'm Camilla. I'm here because you did something rather bad and dangerous tonight."

Mia swallows her saliva clearly nervous and intimidated. "What's going to happen?"

"Well, you summoned a demon into this world ignoring basic ettiquette, you did so in a public area, without adequate protections and precautions and you endagered several persons..."

Completly dropping her usual tough tom-boy chick act, she begins weeping openly, muttering between sobs. It's only because I know what she wants to say I understand anything. She's blaming Grey for making her try... And she kind of has a point...

Camilla walks up to her and surprisingly hugs her. "Calm down little girl... Nothing bad's going to happen."

Mia cries a bit until she calms down enough to talk. "What's going to happen then?"

"Nobody was hurt and more importantly, nobody noticed this. But I won't lie to you, you don't have a choice concerning what is going to happen next. You can use magic. You'll have to learn how to so you don't hurt anyone and can defend yourself next time."

"It's more important that nobody noticed?" Grey points out.

"Yes, wounds are one thing, an inquisition by men in black is another."

"Does it mean I have to leave?" Mia asks the oldest of us.

"No, you can remain here with your family if you want. However, you'll have to come to the city several nights a week so I can teach you the art."

"Can you teach us too?" I ask in curiosity.

"I can't. You aren't a mage boy."

"It's a bloodline thing?" Grey asks since I stay silent.

"No, but your minds haven't reached that state. You haven't awakened to the world. Ok, it's time we all leave, go home, all of you. Mia, I'll contact you tommorow." After saying this, she vanish from sight but not like Grey does, he becomes invisible, she just vanished.

The End

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