The kick from the horse-lion sent me back into the metal fence that surrounded the basket ball court. The hit had hit me on the right shoulder and I felt it crack, letting that sound resonate in my bones.

I looked up and saw the thing rush to kill Lou, or what I suppose is Lou, he looks unlike himself as his hands have twisted into horrible claws and his mouth is strait out of a H.P. lovecraft horror story.

"Lou!" I scream reaching out with my left hand.

As I do, a column of white smash the demon against the brick wall next to us, letting out a thundering boom. It's only a few seconds later I that notice it was actually fire. The thing howled in pain as it writhe around, spasming.

After another moment, someone stepped into the court, hidden under a black hooded cape that harbored silver lined greek motifs.

"Can you stand up?" The person asked, revealing she was a woman.

"I'm alright..." I respond, almost ashamed.

She swinged a long oak staff and slammed it's tib on the ground, making the hebrew letters that ran alongside every side of the shaft glow pure white. Infront of her, the demon came back up and stared at the newcommer.

"HOW DARE THEE PREVENT MINESELF FROM CLAIMING WHAT IS MINE!" It screaches out, it's voice halfway between a feline his and a horse neighing.

"Leave this apprentice alone demon. I fear not to call upon the most highest to come and defend her." She claimed, almost serenly.

The demon howls with rage and charged the woman. I almost tackle her out of the way of the beast until I notice the power gathering around her. The enraged demon charges and impacts against an invisible shield that protects us.

Not losing any second, she raise her staff into the air and slam it back onto the ground, which cause a rain of lightning upon the creature. When the light show ends, there's nothing but cinders where the beast stood a moment ago.

"What the..." I begin.

"Demons don't frighten me. I command their kind." She reponds, not really answering the question.

"Who are you?" Lou asks, still in spirit form. However, his claws and eldritch features vanish, leaving him back to his usual cute self. Minus his clothes but for some reason I can't see it all this time.

"Camilla. Camilla Knight. Ghost boy, you know were the girl is?"

Lou nods and she adds "Get her back here now."

He doesn't hesitate and leaves us, going back to get his body.

"How did you know we would be here, needing help? It hasn't been five minutes. You can't have been just around the corner." I remark.

"I wasn't. I was at my place. JC picked me up when he sensed a disturbance."

"JC? You mean the leet magician guy? How did he know?"

"He's the one in charge of finding informations. He's got a pretty right security network." With her staff, she pointed at a nearby camera that overlooked the street intersection. "The new world order's tools are also useful to us."

"New world order?"

She muttered something, a swear by the tone of it. "Forget I said that, you don't want to get involved..."

"You're talking just like Keith..."

"You know him too?" She asked, surprised.

"We met him a couple of months ago. At the sametime I spoke to JC. Spoke being in air quotes."

"Yeah, he preffers text messaging. Saying it's faster."

When she said that, Lou and Mia came back, the latter looking rather worried. Hopefully, we aren't in too much trouble for this fiasco...

The End

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