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I don't know anything about magic. Actually until last month, I didn't know it existed period. But regardless, there's one thing I still know; When a half horse half lion thing tries to kill you, it's a good idea to leave.

"Get her out of here!" Grey screams at me.

I don't discuss and grab Mia, she's conscious but in a lot of pain so I help her walk. Grey stays behind us to face the creature. My heart races, I'm scared, more scared than ever. Not just for me but for Grey and Mia too.

After a while, Mia's feeling better so I let her go she looks at me as I stop and hide in an alley.

"What are you doing? We've got to leave!" She shriek in panic.

"Not without Grey. I've got to help him. Go back home, you should be safe there."

She looks at me like I'm crazy but I don't care. I close my eyes and slow my breathing. I've been practising for months with Mary's help... Slowly, my spirit and body separates and I become pure spirit unfeathered by anything but the thin cord that links me to my body.

I see Mia still standing near me. She shakes my body but it doesn't have any reaction since there's no spirit in there. However I don't have time to waste so I run back to the place where the creature was with Grey.

It doesn't take much time as I run as fast as I can think. In a few short seconds, I'm there. The lion-centaur thing charges at Grey, claws swinging. He barely avoids it by leaping to the side, hitting the chainlink fence that surrounds the place.

I step through the fence, feeling like I'm passing through a numbing jelatinous substance as I do. I let my anger flow freely, feeding it with scenes of the past that hurt me. mmy hands become elongated claws and my extoplasmic jaw grows and the teeths in it changes to fangs.

Like a lion, I pounce at the monster, gripping my claws right in it's equine flanks. He tries to get me off but I bite fiercely with my new dentition. Getting irritated, his feline torso does a 180 around his body and he swipes his own claws at me.

I let go but one of his hands rake my spectral face, creating large cuts from top to bottom. Being a spirit, I luckily don't need eyes to see so I'm fine but it hurts, the claw rakes feeling like they're hot lava...

He turns toward me with his whole body but as Grey gets back up, he kicks him with his rear legs, sending him crashing back to the fence and then the ground. I feel part of my essence bleeding off from my spectral wounds and I know despite my attack he's barely scratched...

I don't think I can win this... Damn.

Then, something happens... I can hardly tell what as it happens so fast. I see the demon hit by a white force that is accompagnied with a fiery roar of an explosion. The thing shrieks in pain as I try to understand what just happened...

The End

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