An awakeningMature


I hold Grey tightly as he nearly falls to the ground. He clutches his face driving his nails into his scalp, strongly enought that bloods begin to flow. My boyfriend barely hold back screams of agony.


After a while, it stops and he declares; "I saw... Something..."

He leans against the wall with one hand. "Get me a pencil and a notepad." He asks. I look at Mia who's just as terrified as I am. She nods and looks around her hangout's stuff until she finds what Grey wants.

He takes the items and faces us. His eyes are entirely white like a blind man's... "Grey? Are you alright?"

"I'm not..." He says, scribbling something down on the pad. It looks likes texts but for some reason he draws it like a graphiti rather than just writting it. When he's done, he shows it to Mia.

"Is it this?"

"Yeah... It is..." She replies.

Grey blinks several times and his eyes retunr to normal much to my relief. "What was that?" I ask.

"No idea... Probably a vision... You've heard voices, what did they say?"

"A bunch of non-sense, a lot of incomprehensible names..."

I'm about to speak when someone slams his fist on the door "Is everything alright?" A man asks.

My boyfriend open the door and see both her parents looking worried. He stare at them one by one and say. "Yes. Please ignore anything suspect you'll hear in the next hour."

They nod and go back upstair like nothing happened. Mia looks at Grey with wide eyes.

"You said names, eh?"

She nods as her only answer.

"I guess that means we've got to try something..." He claims.

"Try what?" Mia questions weakly.

"Magic. That's why you've got the book right?"

"I already tried everything... Nothing works."

"But you said you heard names." He takes the book Mia had dropped and goes through it. "Any of these ring a bell?" He asks, showing her a list.

She reads a bit and her expression switches from incertitude to shock. "I've seen these!" She exclaims.

"Do you know what they are?"

"Not really... I just bought the books in a lot on eBay..."

"They're demons. This is a book to summon them..."

She looks even more shocked. "Demons as in Satan?"

"Kind of. From what I know, they're supposed to be just concepts given forms, not sentient beings."

"Where did you read that?" I ask dubious.

"Same book I found about specters."

"You'll have to show it to us..." Mia demands.

"Can't. I only had it in ebook form and it dissapeared."

"You deleted it?" I arche an eyebrow at that.

"No, it literally vanished from my computer and the site I had found it on..."

"How's that possible?"

"No clue..."

"So what do we do now?" Mia asks reluctantly.

"We try it." Grey says almost smugly.

Mia and I just stares at him like he's crazy. He can't be serious... Can he?

The End

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