Mia's mysteryMature


After school, Lou and I go to Mia's house to pay her a visit. I knock on the door a few times and a minute later, a middle aged woman opens the door. Probably her mother.

"Evening. What can I do for you boys?" She ask with a forced smile.

"Is Mia here? She forgot her homework in class so we came." I say, taking out a random book from my bag

"Ah... Yes she's here" She tries to grab it. "I'll give it to her."

I look right in her eyes and say. "Actually I want to give it to her in person. Mind if I do?"

Her eyes are filled with confusion for a split second before she responds. "Sure. She's in the basement..."

Beside me, Lou shoots me a disaproving glare. He doesn't like when I use my gift of control. Understandably so.

We walk down the stairs and notice she's not in the main room. There are two more doors but one's the bathroom. So I try the other. I knock on it and a second later I hear Mia scream.

"Go away... I don't want to talk mom."

"Actually, it's Lou and Grey." I say. "Let us in."

"Get out!" She shouts.

"You lost this." I say, slipping the book Lou found under the door.

I hear her come silently and she notices it. "Where did you get that?"

"You dropped it earlier..." Lou admits.

She groans in frustration.

"Can you let us in?" My boyfriend asks.

Silence... Lou and I stare at each other for a while. Since I can't see her eyes, I can't command her and I'm not going to bash the door down.

"If you don't, we'll just camp here until you come out." I threaten her.

Finally the lock is removed and she opens the door. When I see her, I can't help but arch an eyebrow. She looks worse than if she had worked the street... Her hair is all tangled, her clothes are just as worse, she looks like she hasn't slept in weeks.

The room itself contains a few old couches so we crash down. "So, want to explain what's going on?"

She mutters something before speaking again, louder. "I'm going nuts. That's what."

"Why do you say that?" Lou asks saddened by her look and attitude.

"Because I'm seeing things! Hearing voices!" She almost screaches as she speak.

"What kind of things?"

She points the wall on Lou and I's left. "Can't you see?"

I look at it, there's nothing. Lou looks at me, hoping I see something. I leave my seat and inspects the wall closer. My hands touch it and I get a flash of something... I stumble and only manage to stay up as Lou grabs my arm.


Words burn into my psyche, my eyes burn like I'd just been pepper sprayed. My head feels so much pain I begin to cry.


"I saw... something..."

The End

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