Just as I said, we left when morning came. We didn't go to school but to my place to vent. I still can't believe it! After all this time, they finally took an interest in their son and it was only so they could manipulate me into getting Grey on drugs.

He's not sick! And even if he was, what does it matter? He's not violent, he's not detached and he's not dangerous to anyone. Yes, he clings to his past, but that's because the past itself won't let him go.

When my Father came back, we explained the situation. Grey can stay here full time. But if it goes against our school work, he's splitting us in different rooms... I guess it's still better than nothing.

Beside, It's been a week and I haven't had any of those annoying hormone rushes. Am I the only who gets that? Why do I have days I get turned on by anything? Gah... This is so anoying...

Grey's parents have called a million time to apologize or get him to come back, both on our personal phones and my home's. That's what the others said, when we get the phone, we just hang up. Maybe in later we'll talk, but for now, we don't even want to hear them!

The ringing of the bell that anounce the lunch break stirs me out of my rumination. I grab my stuff and stand up, I walk to the door still lost in thoughts when I crash into someone. The impact's shock isn't big but our stuff falls on the ground, mixing up.

"Oh sorry..." I say.

I look up and the person and recognise her. She looks rather tired and nervous,

"Mia!" I exclaim.

She mumbles an apology and quickly gathers her stuff before leaving abruptly.

For a few seconds I stare at her leaving, dumbfounded. Why is she avoiding me? We haven't talked in a few weeks and it's getting rather grating. She didn't even return our texts or calls. Even Jennifer admitted she doesn't get what's happening to her. Jen doesn't even know if they broke up or not...

I sigh and get my own stuff back when I notice something. She forgot a book there. I pick it up and read the title. The Ars Goetia... I blinks a few times and read the title again making sure I read it well.

Grey arrives to pick me up to go lunching when he notice the book. "What that Lou?"

"A grimoire... Mia had that on her."

"What? Come on, you can't be serious! She the girl who debates everything supernatural as just being fake."

"Yet she had it... And when she saw me, she basically ran away..."

"You think we should pay her a visit?" He suggests.

"I don't know if it's a good Idea but yeah..."

The End

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