Walking deadMature


School's over and Grey's been twitching around in his seat for the whole length of it, he's been staying dead silent at lunch and pauses. He doesn't say anything and he seems to be trying to hide it from me. But even his sexy ass in the rather tight school issued swim suits can't distract me from that.

When the bell rings, he doesn't wait for me to begin walking out of the classroom. Although he walks at a snail's pace like he's going to his own funerals so I catch up in a second. I take his arm and drag him unceremoniously to the closest stair case, which we aren't supposed to use except in emergency.

"Ok, What's going Grey? You've been acting like a frickin' zombie all day."
He mumbles what I suppose to be answer.

"Louder." I insist.

"Yeah... you've noticed..." He mutters slightly more audibly.

I sit down next to him in the stairs "What's the problem?"

"I... I don't know." He say, looking down.

I sigh "Grey, I'm your freaking boyfriend for Pete’s sake. You can talk to me!"

He hesitates before finally answering me. "My parents want to meet you."

"That's great, what's the big problem?"

"Since I've met you, I could fill all they said to me on a single page. Now, they're all of a sudden taking interest in me again. I don't know... They must have something in mind..."

"Or they're just trying to make up with you. Seriously, before I met you, you were so... Well, gray to say the least. But now, you're approachable..."

He nods a bit and I close in on him, kissing him gently. "When is it?" I ask.

"Tonight, over dinner."

"Alright. I'll go home and get dressed."

"Why?" He ask dubious

"I want to make a good impression." I say grinning.

I leave him there after one last kiss, this one much less one sided, and I head home.
Once home, I jump in the shower to clean up the left over chlorine smell and get my hair clean, the pool mess them up badly. Then I get dressed. Gone are the Cargo pants and baggy Tee.

Instead, I go for a black dress shirt and my new jeans along with a belt for once, I generally like them a bit baggy.

"Going somewhere?" My brother ask from behind me. He sniffs the air before adding.

"You've even used the perfume I gave you. "I look at him, he's grinning at me.

"I'm meeting Grey's parents tonight."

"Ah the elusive Mr. and Ms. Walker."

"Yeah, Grey doesn't really want to be at his place. I've only been to his place twice and his parents weren't there."

"What's wrong with his place?"

"Physically, nothing, it's actually quite lovely. He just doesn't like being there, it makes him depressed he say."

My brother nods and adds; "Alright. Are you ready to go? I'll give you a ride."

The End

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