I stretch lazily on my bed. It's a week day so I'm back at my house at night, Lou's father is still enforcing that rule. For once, I've slept rather well despite being away from Lou. Normally, it's only when I'm his arms that I don't have nightmares.
"Morning." I say to Mary.

Unlike usual, she doesn't answer. I get up but remain in the bed, before looking around. She's not there. Weird

Maybe she's with Lou. She really seems to like him, I guess I was wrong, I thought she'd be jealous of him.

I leave the comfort of my bed and go through my morning routine; Shower, wash my hair that for some reason is always oily when I wake up even if I took a shower before hitting the hay, get clothed, waste time reading until hunger kicks in. I'm always up early, around six most of the time.

When I get up, my parents are there, my father reading the newspaper sipping a coffee.
"Good morning Grey." He announce, setting his paper down.

I arches and eyebrow. He rarely notices me normally. I nod a greeting and head for the fridge. I'm about to grab something when my mother stops me.

"I've cooked you breakfast, sweetie." She says, setting down a plate of bacon and eggs on the table for me.

"Thanks..." I mutters, sitting down.

"How have you been doing Grey?" My father asks.
"Alright..." I say suspicious.

He smiles at me, which almost makes me shiver. I nimble absently at my plate as my father asks me a few more questions, about school, about my friends, about what I'm doing in my free time. After a minute or two, I stop him.

"Okay, what the hell is going on? Are we moving again?" I ask nervously.
"No, of course not!" My mother replies.

"Then what's going on? You don't even talk to me normally."

"Well... We just thought that it would be good to renew contact with you. Since you came back all bruised after having been missing a few days, your mother and I talked a lot about you."

I listen, letting him continue, staring right into his eyes, the same ones that I've inherited in my genetics.

"Have you been in a fight due to... your condition?"

I snarl at him, I know what he means, it's his polite word of Crazy.

"I'm not Schitzo!" I bark out.

"Eh... I mean I think it would be good if we supported you further in your development, we know we've been absent lately..."

Understatement of the fucking millennium.

"What do you want?" I sigh.

"We think it would be nice if you invited your Boyfriend to dinner tonight, so we could meet him." My mother interject seeing that I'm losing patience with them.

"Okay, seriously, Who are you and what have you done with my parents?"

The End

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