Practise makes perfect.Mature


It's been two weeks since we talked to Keith, we haven't heard any news from him. I hope he's fine he was such a nice guy. And he was so gorgeous too... I hope we'll hear form him again. Maybe Mia and Jen are a bit freaked out, since they've been bailing on us at school...

I guess I understand... She was almost shot in the head, learned that supernatural stuff existed and they know Grey's psychic. In the two weeks we haven't found anything conclusive, so we've been searching the public library's archive in our spare time.

"Again." Mary order me, sitting on my bed.

My face smashes right in my pillow.

"I'm tired Mary, I've been doing this all evening..." I declare.

"Practice makes perfect!" She declares trying to be encouraging.

"Fine." I sigh "One last time."

I sit back in lotus position and calm my breathing down, I let my spirit free of my body as Mary had showed me, in a sense I am living death, my spirit leaving my body behind. It's slow, cold and terrifying.

I leave the warm comfort of my body and step in the ether, becoming a gray colored spirit. Cold spiritual wind wash over me. I take a few steps along the floor, which isn't exactly, I have to think of every movement in this form. Which in itself is odd as I'm no longer shackled to my brain's speed.

Next to me, Mary mocks me, dancing gracefully to show me how it's done. I give her a phantomatic smile of annoyance.

I practice how to make weapons next. I call the specter's image and how angry I was with him when he attacked Grey. As I do, my fingers transforms into long terrible claws.

Next, I do the opposite, recalling all the happy moment I've had with Grey, over a few minutes, it forms a small glowing ball of white, red and pink light in my hand that pulses, sending a warm, comforting feeling all around me.

Mary applauds "Two minute, thirty eight seconds. Seven seconds faster than your last one."

"Thanks..." I say, my lips not moving, another thing to think to do.
"Last exercise now!" She announce cheerfully.

I grumble, I know what she wants me to do... I take a deep breath, not that I need to, it's just a habit I still keep... I repeat to myself "Physics does not apply to ghosts, I can fly, I just need to know it and do it."

My feet slowly rise up from the ground and I'm invaded with a feeling of panic, as I don't feel the ground underneath myself anymore. I've always been prone to vertigo...
The panic activates the defense mechanism of my spirit, kicking me back to my body. Once I reenter it, I feel sore from staying in trance for so long and my head feels like I've hit a concrete wall...

Drained, I fall unconscious on my bed, still clothed.

The End

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