A moment of restMature


Lou sent a call to his father, saying that; yes he was fine, he was with me and the girls and he would be comming back around eleven to midnight.

In the meanwhile, Mia had found us a club not too far from our place, for 25 and bellow. It wasn't far but not exactly close either, so we just took the subway there. We walked to the entrance and the bouncer let us in without a second glance.

I can do a lot of thing; I speak four languages, I know quantum science, I can play guitar both accoustic and electric well, I'm a wizard with knives and I also can punch a homophobic fuck to hell. But apparently dancing is not one of these skills.

I'm not completly inept, at least that's what Lou says, but I sure as hell don't have the moves. Maybe I'm too used to learn with psychometry but I really don't get it...

Seing my embarrasment, Lou drags me away into the booth we've left our stuff. Mia's there, drinking from a coke bottle. "Where's Jen?"

"In the bathroom, I'm catching a breather here." She answers.

Both of us crash down on the C shaped bench and grab our own drinks.

"Are you alright Grey?" Mia questions me, seeing my expression.

"He's just jealous that for once he's not beating me flat at something." Lou claims, chuckling.

"Yeah... I saw." She respond with a laugh. "You'll get better."

I grumble a bit and Mia gets up. "She's back. See ya boys." She announce before joining her girlfriend.

Lou kisses me with his lips that remains soft regardless of the cold weather of winter. We make out in plain sight but it's alright, the place is dark and with my long hair, I probably look like a girl so no one bothers us.

His hand depart from the bench and cross my laps, slowly caressing their way to my crotch. "You're impossible." I tell him between two kisses.

He gives me a nearly predatory grin and continues rubbing. "Not here Lou." I tell him. He's about to protest so I get onto him rather than the contrary. "You're carrying a gun illegally I whisper to his ear. Let's not get attention to ourselves."

He pouts which only makes him cuter. "You can just send people away." He whispers back.

"Are you drunk?" I question only half serious.

"...Yeah..." He admits. "...Jen brought a bottle of Captain Morgan with her... It's gooooood"

At least Lou's not the only one who brings bad ideas to school. I sigh "You're really Imposible."I kiss him again, but refuse to go further now despite his grumbling and pouting.

After a while, Mia comes back to us. "I think we should bail, Jen's blowing chunks in the bathroom..."

Well, that killed the mood... "Does she do that often when she drinks?"

She rolls her eyes and nods a yes. "Alright, I'll call the cab. Beside, Lou's about to go feral here."

The cab comes rather quickly but drives us home much more slowly. It's twenty before midnight when Lou and I get home after dropping the girls at their respective places. Lou races back to his room, which is on the third floor.

Did I ever mention how huge Lou's house is? The girls are on the second floor with their dad while Lou's in the renovated attic which is pretty damn large actually. Martin's got a mini apartment in the basement. The floors are pretty big too, it's not just a case of built in height.

When I get in, after having actually walked, Lou pushes me against the wall, kissing me and ripping my coat out. With a kick, I close the door that leads down...

I've got to say, when he gets his hormone rushes, Lou a freaking machine!

The End

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