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Keith sighed and nodded his head. "It's naturally my color. I had Swedish ancestor on my mother's side and the genes just struck through."

"That explains his..." I surprise myself thinking. "Jesus... stop. thinking. about. it. Lou!"
To distract my thoughts, I slip my hand into Grey's and our fingers interlace.

He's about to say something when a phone rang, singing a tune I don't recognize. Our host takes his phone, an old Nokia, out and looked at the screen before answering.

"Keith here. What's going on darling?" he asked with snarky, charming smile.
The woman, well I think it's a woman, at the end of the other line talked for about a minute and the man's expression went sour...

When he hung up he looked at us worryingly. "Ok, I'd hate to throw you out, but things are
coming up. I need to go."

"What's happening?" Grey ask

"You don't want to know." Keith insisted.

"Actually I do."

"Ok, I'll make this simple, shit is about to hit the fan, my work partners and I are deep in it as well as centuries old conspiracies. Once you know about it all, it becomes in the bad guys' interest to silence you. They will find you out eventually.

From what I gathered, you're the only guy with power here. So you guys don't want to be involved."

My boyfriend just meekly nod, he’s gotten shut down pretty well.

When he see his face, Keith adds. "Maybe when you're older, but right now, it's a no go. Everyone. Grab your stuff and use the back door to get out. I'll unlock it for you."

We didn't ask for more, we grabbed our stuff and Keith unlocked the back door, which oddly doesn't have any way to be locked or unlocked from the inside...

Keith almost pushes us out into a small staircase and he closes the door behind us. Still kind of confused, we silently walk down until we reach the emergency exit. Everyone pass through before me.

"Where the hell are we?" Jen screams in surprised.

I look around us and notice we're now standing in a tiny alleyway that finish in a dead end, there aren't any doors all around us, including behind us.

Grey pats down the wall behind us and he declare "It's not an illusion. We're just someplace else..."

All of a sudden, I feel like my head's going to explode. Sure, I knew ghost and psychics existed but now, that was a bit too much...

"What do you think he was talking about with the conspiracies?" Mia ask to the group.
"The illuminati?" Grey replies.

"Vampires. He did speak about vampires." Jen remarks.

"Maybe it's aliens, I don't know... Psychic powers is one thing, but magic?" I remark.
"Maybe it exists."

"Didn't you do researches in the occult and said it was bull crap? You made me read Crowley remember." I remind him

"Maybe it's because I don't have the right thing. It could be antithetical to psychics." He muses as we get out of the alley.

He takes out is phone and is about to call a taxi when Jennifer stops him. "What are you doing?"

"Calling a cab..? I'm not walking home you know."

"Come on Grey! It's barely seven and we're in the city! Let's go out!"

"Where?" I ask, dubious.

"We can go clubbing." Mia suggest.

"We're underage and there's no way Lou pass the door."

Jen snickers "Dry clubs do exist you know!"

Grey looks at me, his eyes conveying the question without even having to speak.
"Fine, but we're leaving at 10:30. We've got school and my father's going to lynch Grey and I if we skip again."

The girls share a high five before turning around. As they do, I stealthily swap my gun from my coat to the bottom of my backpack.

The End

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