"Strait to the business at hand then?."

Our host leaves for a second into stepping in one of the other rooms and he comes back with a few plastic binders. He flips around a few pages until he finds what he needs.

"Alright. You know the gist of a specter?"

"Yes..." I respond

"First step is Identifying the specter's type."


"His Modus Operandi. Tell me all you know."

Lou and I retold what had happened, including what happened to Mary. I even told him what she had become. He listened with interest while the girl shared a mix of horror and incredulity.

"Ok, it seem what you have on hand is a mindflayer."


"They are a breed of specters, they attack the mind of their victims until it's turned to shred. They then feed from sorrows of the broken's family."

"How do we kill them?"

"Short of a Arch mage of spirit magic, you can't. But there are weaknesses you can use to banish it. For one, he still needs fetters, objects that anchor him to this world so he is not swept away to the afterlife.

Most specters are powerful enough to ignore daylight but still needs these sanctum to repair their beings too.

Another thing important, is the locations he showed up. You said you've seen him a few times over the last three years. Where did you see him?"

He takes out a map of the region and I begin thinking...

I had begun seeing visions two months before Mary's death... Mary had been attacked in her new house's basement. My family still lived on the opposite side of the St. Laurent river back then.

Next time, it was right after her funeral, a cemetery a few miles away from her house. Third time, was a few days after I'd moved in the same town as Lou lives in. Fourth time, was before our vacations in the mountain... And the last was this weekend..."

"Give me a pen please." I ask the guy.

With an X, I mark all the spots I had seen him. All on the south shore... When I finish, I set the area in a circle. "It's all been in these location, in the same regions. Does he need to stay close to his anchors?"

Keith nods. "Weak specters only have a small radius they can act in. As they grow in power they can do more things and go further."

"You mentioned he attacked your girlfriend and when he attacked Lucas he called him a girl right?"

"He did..." Lou affirms.

"Ok, mindflayers are specters born of cruelty, anger and madness. Check for murder cases in your area. Specifically for a man who killed or maimed girls."
The girls next to us shivers in synchronization.

"We've got a portrait. We've got a method to kick his ass. All we need is something to protect ourselves." I declare.

"Any of you lives in a large home with many people."
"I do... Why does that matter?" Lou comments.

"Homes are physical limitations, door and windows are meant to keep things out. Spirit can pass through matter but when many people live under a roof, the feeling of home is stronger, hence why the spiritual component of the walls are improved. It can keep the specter out. Naturally you aren't always at home. I have supplies I can give you..."

He leave us again, going into the same room as earlier. He comes back with a few trinkets. Four pendants, some tiny pouches and mini dried herb sticks.

"Pendants will prevent you from being skin-rided. It's just in case I'm wrong. Keep them on all the time.

The bags contain salt from the dead sea, it'll burn the demon pretty badly. Lastly, if the thing is after you, light the smudge, it'll crate a safe zone for the duration that it burns. Use it to find shelter.

Last thing, Boys, don't play hero! Okay?"

"Yes sir." We both respond.

"Any questions?"

"Are you a natural blond?" Jen ask...

Mia simply covers her face with her palm

"What? All the times I tried blond hair, it looked lemon yellow..."

The End

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