We all watch in horror as he shoots Mia... We can almost see the bullet ripping through the air.

"Mia!" All of us yell.

"I... I'"she stutters out.

"Thanks for scaring the shit out of my girlfriend with a blank you asshole!" Jen says, punching the guy right in the face.

He takes the hit, Jen punches really hard but he takes it coolly.
"It wasn't a blank, look.

We turn back to her and we see it. The bullet is right between her brow, standing in the air and spinning around, a millimeter away from her.

With a move of his hand, the bullet comes back at him, he just takes it in his hand before throwing it away.

"Satisfied?" He ask, now acting smugly.

"How did you do that? You said you weren't a psychic!" I question him still somewhat in panic.

"Give me a W. Give me a I. Give me a T. Give me a C. Give me a H. Witch!" He sings much to our dismay

"What if you failed that trick? She's be dead!" Jen yells, swinging her arm at her which he dodge with ease.

"I wouldn't. It's a bullet, I can so the same with automatic fire."

"How do you know you-- You know what, fuck it. I really don't want to know." Grey adds.

"Yeah you don't." He declares with a grin.

"Who was the trench earlier?" I ask.

"My room mate, Zeke. We work together."

"What exactly is your work?"

"Vigilante, crime fighters." He avows completely seriously.

We all stares at him in silence. It goes on forever as he just stares back with a poker face...
Finally he burst out laughing, he's one step away from actually rolling on the floor.

"You should've seen your faces!" He mocks us as he try to catch his breath. Then, Jen punches him in the stomach and he gasps out all the air in his lungs.

"Worth it!" he affirms when he's better. He take a few deep breath and speaks again. "To be honest, I wasn't too far off. We're policing those who cannot be taken charges off by the justice system."

"Like mob bosses?" Jennifer asks at our discouragement.

"Did you miss the supernatural part that just went on? I'm talking about vampires, demons, fairies, and other nasties that hides in the night."

"Vampires are real?" Jen asks, a her eyes nearly glowing. "Can we meet one?"

"They don't sparkle, are nearly animalistic and considers humans like cattle, but yes they do." Keith countered.

"Awww... Lame."

"Not to burst anyone's bubble here but can we talk about specters?"

The End

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