Today's gotten a weird turn, we're turn... Lou's carrying a gun, we're meeting with a psychic bodybuilder who had some guy that looked like he was strait out of the matrix over when we arrived.

And most of all, Lou's back on a hormone swing... I've been feeling him getting turned on today... It's weird... To be honest, I never found out if I liked men, but I love Lou, that's what counts, not his body.

I get the girls upstairs since Lou seems to be a bit paralyzed.

"Are you guys part of cult now?" Jen asks tactless.

"What?" Lou and I answer her at the same time.

"Dude's got a satanic star on his neck!"

We all look and notice the pentacle that floats around his neck; a star within a circle, pointing upward.

"Actually, I'm Wiccan." Keith corrects her, not seeming offended by Jennifer's lack of common sense.

"Oh! You mean like witches? What's the male of a witch?"

"A witch." I reply "It goes for both gender."

Keith thumbs up at me "Right on. Take a seat, make yourself comfortable. I've got tea or cocoa, what do you guys and girls want?"

I ask for a tea while the other go for hot cocoa. "So, you're a psychic?" I ask to our host.
"No, I'm a witch."

"Why did that guy refer me to you then?"

"Because I still know things. I know what you need help with."

"Excuse me... Could we know what the heck is going on?" Mia begs.

We shouldn't have taken them with us... I sigh.

"We're looking for help in something. How to destroy a specter to be precise."

Both girls stare at me with wide eyes. "Are you serious?"

"Come on... Ghosts, really?"

"It seems your lady friends are deeply in the dark. Or did you guys just bring your dates here?" Keith interject to remove the awkwardness of the scene.

"But there's no such things as the supernatural" Mia insists

"In a sense yes there is and in another sense no there isn't."

We all look at Keith as he continues explaining.

"It's not supernatural, it's the contrary, it's just the unknown but it's just as real and part of this world as you and I are."

"Prove it." Mia demands.

"I can. But are you sure you want me to?"

"Bring it on." She respond smugly.

He gives her the deepest grin ever and in a second he takes out a handgun and aims it at Mia's head. Things go in slow motion as he press the trigger and the loud bang is heard...

"Mia!" We all yell out at the same time...


The End

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