We climb the stair with reservation. Once upstairs, we're invited in by a man in a shady leather trench coat.

"Are you Keith?" I ask.

"Nope. He's in the kitchen." The guy says, leading us to it.

Once there, the shady brown haired dude leaves by the back door right after declaring "I'll be back later. Cam's fixed us a date." He says sarcastically, grinning at someone behind us.

It's only then our attention turns to the guy called Keith and oh my god...

Keith sports Swedish features and deep blue eyes that goes well with short blond hair. He's tall and has an impressive athletic muscular build.

"Hot!" I say to myself... "Calm down Lou... You've got a boyfriend... It's not the time to get turned on..." I repeat that a few times in my head before calming down. But... I can still enjoy eye candy right?

"You've brought your boyfriend?" The blond man ask, jokingly.

We stops, stare at each other and an awkward silence reigns...

"Really?" He says, smiling warmly. We don’t answer but he continues. "I know what you feel. People mocked me for being gay in high school."

"You are?" I ask curious.

Stupid me!

"Nope. I was just in the drama club AND the cheerleading squad."

"Then why didn't you stand up for yourself."

"Why defend yourself against something that's not offensive?" He respond.

I already like him... I mean as a cool guy! Argh... I'm getting all flustered...

"Sit down. Oh and Curly?"

"I'm Lucas... You can call me Lou."

"Drop the gun." He demands, staring at me.

I blink. How did he know? My father had given me one of his handgun, (I do have a junior license but I don't think it includes concealed carry...) He and my brother often go hunting, I sometimes do clay pigeon shooting but I don't want to harm animals... It's just cruel.

At school, right before we left I had taken it out of my bag. Admittedly bringing it to school was not the smartest thing I've done."

"...How?" I asked, shocked that he knew.

"Your left foot's stride are much shorter than the left, you climbed the stairs holding your left side and outside despite it being still cold as hell, you hadn't zipped your coat. I checked. Plus when I mentioned it, your left hand gripped it unconsciously."

"Wow..." I muttered.

While Grey shot me a questioning glance. I used two fingers and handed him the revolver. He took it and punched the bullets out of the cylinder, placed them in a zip lock bag and handed them to me.

"There you go. Also, get these poor ladies inside before they die from the cold." He joked. Grey and I laughed reluctantly...

The End

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