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Lou finally came out after a few minutes, he had felt embarrassed with a slight touch of distress. The teacher probably called him out about the long scratch that adorned his face. I know he didn't want me to feel guilty, but I'm well aware I'm the one who did that. He has more on his chest.

He's been trying to hide them from me, he's even wearing a shirt to bed, but he can't hide stuff from me. When I touched them, I relived Lou's memory of my night terror.

"Ready to go? I called a cab already" I ask nonchalantly.

He nods. "You know the address?"

"Yep." I affirm as we walk down the stairs that leads out and then sit on the stone benches in front of the school. There's still some people leaving the school but I lean onto him and kiss him softly.

"Fags!" Some jerk yells out.

A second later, he gets smacked upside the head.

"Close minded moron!" Mia yells at him.

"Hey girls!" Lou says cheerfully as he sees them.

They greet us back just as the Taxi pulls up next to the sidewalk. "That's our ride." I announce.

"Where are you two going?" Jen asks "Lou's house is right next door. Yours isn't that far either."

"We're heading town. We've got... things to do."

"Can we come with you?" Jen ask, without really asking.

"It wouldn't be--" I begin

"It'll be fun!" She says, boarding the taxi without waiting, dragging her girlfriend with her.
I look at Lou and we sigh in stereo. before getting in ourselves. The girls are in the back so I'm sitting next to the cabbie, which I'm almost shocked, is a white guy. But he does have dreads... I guess that counts for something, plus the car smells like weed...

I give him the address and we drive, Lou and I remain silent as the girls yammers about their day, how much they missed us, our wounds. We would answer these questions but they Jen doesn't seem to want to let us answer. I swear she has ADD...

The cab drops us at a nondescript apartment, all the buildings on the street seems to have been copy pasted. The one that's our destination is on the second floor. I give the cab a generous tip before he flies off.

"What are we doing here?" Mia asks.

"Lou and I are meeting someone."

"A friend from the net? Can we meet him?" Asks Jen.

"Yeah... We don't exactly know him so, we'll check it out and if it's clear we'll call you in. Okay?"

She grumbles a bit but they agree.

I ring the door bell and a voice from the intercom asks "Who is it?

"Eh... I have an appointment with Keith, a guy JC Lincoln pointed me here."

"I see. Get in." The man on the other side says as he buzz the door open.

The End

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