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We're back to school on the next day... We've missed a lot already anyway.
I wouldn't mind being back there if we weren't on school day 8, where time is just crawling...

The day begin and I'm in with art, Grey's in music. Second period is French, I'm in basic, he's in the advanced class...Third period comes, I'm in Christian studies (Our school still offers that and my dad signed me up...) While he's in ethics, which is basically the same thing just talks more about religions and philosophy from a broad spectrum.

Finally on the last period, math, we're together. Kind of, assigned seat placement got us on opposite sides of the room. I'd text him but our school goes all jihad when students take their phone out in class, if you're lucky, the teacher will simply take it away for a few days.

Although we do share a bond, it's an empathic bond, we don't share thoughts. We just share emotions and can feel the other's presence. Right now, our irritation is going from one to the other and growing exponentially...

I don't listen to a word of what the teacher says, I'm too busy twitching around in my hair and absently chewing a pen's tip. After waiting forever, we're finally free to leave as the bell rings, announcing our freedom!

"Mr. Tanner? Can I talk with you a minute?" The teacher asks as I'm about to leave. The math teacher, Mr. Lewis always call us by our last name, he says if we have to do it to him then he'll do the same for us.

He shots a hawkish glare at Grey and dryly declares "Alone please." My boyfriend takes the clue and leaves us.

Once he's gone, the teacher closes the door behind him and asks me "Is everything going well with Mr. Walker?" He speaks to me, visibly worried.

I nods at him "Why wouldn't it be?"

"Well you both missed school a few days, you came back with that nasty scratch, while he has a gash on his forehead. I know you're shy and don't like to speak but did you two get into a fight?"

"No... No... We didn't." I stutter a bit, making it sound rather unconvincing.

"It's alright, you can tell me the truth."

"We didn't. We just got hustled by kids from another school... They were picking on us for... well you know... Doctors says we'll be alright, beside we called the cops, they're working on it." I lie, hoping it was convincing. "I'm alright, just still a bit stressed about it."

"Ok." He says, hugging me. Not exactly professional, but I like him, he's a cool guy for his age. But he's not my type! "If there's anything, come talk to me or the school councilor."
"Will do Mr. Lewis!"

"You can call me Kevin." He says, letting go of me and smiling.

The End

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