"Hello." A fat woman's voice spoke from the other side of the line. Who was probably the person I was looking for. I was searching for some help.

"Hey... Is this the psychic's number?"

"Yes, it is I son. Tell me, what can Madame Rotunda do for you?" she asked, rolling the R and speaking the name with a mystical sounding emphasis.

"I might need to book in a séance, but I just need to ask. Do you know a lot about specters?"

"Indeed, I am a channel between ghosts and the living."

"Specters, not ghosts..."

"The spirits have many names, but they still are--"

I hang up unceremoniously.

"Next one, Lou." I ask him.

He let out a sigh. "This is the fourth one... There isn't a thousand psychic in town... beside how do you know it's the correct terms?"

"Read about it online."


"I know, it sounds stupid but the book was spot on about it all. It talked about other stuff but I haven't seen anything about that."

He sigh again. "Alright, there's two left I could find... Somebody must know something right?" He tried to encourage us.

"Yeah..." I muttered.

Two phone calls later, turns out that; drum rolls... Nobody knew anything... Ok, maybe the last one did but the Asian guy did not speak a sliver of English or French... Maybe I should have tried in Greek and Latin, which I do speak or rather read. My pronunciation is probably all over frickin the place.

"What now?" Lou asks. I can feel his irritation.

"I've spammed the hell out of half a hundred different forums and sites about the occult, paganism, the supernatural and all that stuff. Some body's going to answer something good eventually...

"I hope so..." Says my boyfriend.

With perfect timing, my phone rings, playing the first chords of "the man who sold the world" by nirvana.

I pick it up and check it out. I've got a text, not from anyone I know... The caller ID is
"M4G1C14N", literally written in with numbers in 1337 speak. No number is given…

"You ask a lot of questions.
And you know a lot too it seems.
What is the problem plaguing you?" The guy wrote.

"Who are you?" I text back.

"That's not important.
The thing that plagues you is" He responds in a split second.

"Long story short;
Being hunted by a specter
aka Evil/corrupted spirit."
"I see. I'm from New York.
I can't help you but I have
contacts. Give me a second..." He says. Again, texting at the speed of light...

It takes about a minute but he texts me back.

"Tomorrow at 0500.
The address is below.
Go there. Ask for Keith.
Over and out."

"Wait." I text back. "Who are you people?"

"Just a magician..." He responds cryptically, with the same speed as before. He waited a few seconds before adding;

"Call me JC Lincoln. That's what people call me... Not my real name. Don't use real names. Names have power."

...JC Lincoln... Why did that sound familiar?

The End

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