"Ignoring the fact it's already dead, we can't kill it." Grey answer.

"Why not?" My brother asks.

"Did you ever hear the term immortal soul?" He respond.

"Yeah, but do you have absolute certainty it's the case?"

"Yes. I've fought it a few times... Beside, Mary's been giving me information." He responds.

"Speaking of her, what is she?" My father ask.

All the while I'm standing (or technically sitting) there speechless. Grey knew all this stuff and
he hadn't told me? Why? All I knew came from Mary... Grey didn't like speaking about that stuff.

"She's a specter too..." He admits.

Both of my relatives jumped out of their chair, my brother even slamming his hands on the table... I love my brother but I admit he's very protective of me, sometimes it can be... grating.

I even had to lie to him and say I wasn't getting bullied at school anymore so he wouldn't kick the door down and beat some people up. It was alright when he was in my school but he couldn't do that now... Especially in the middle of Police officer's training...

"Then why is she helping us?" My father asked, trying to ease the tension.

"Because I knew her. She was my girlfriend two years ago."

"What happened?"

"...That specter... He... he killed her..." Grey confesses, trying desperately hard not cry.
I all but leapt out of my chair, wrapping him in my arms. I don't care he didn't talk about it to me. Deep inside, he hadn't moved on, an impossible task when the ghost of your lost one literally clanged to you. He still felt guilty. The specter had taken an interest in him because of his powers.

He wept like a baby, occasionally mumbling unrecognizable words. Another pair of arms bear hugged him, my brother's. While my father held his shoulder.

He cried for a while and I joined him, feeling his pain and sorrow through the link we shared. Martin and my Dad didn't question it. After a while however, a small spark of comfort swept by us.

When we calmed down, my father proclaimed; "Alright boys. I see it's hard for you two to talk about this... I'll let you relax and we'll continue this conversation later. Martin and I will try doing our own researches... "

"It's worth a try." My brother replied, shrugging.

Grey and I ended up on the couch, unlike normal, he was the one cuddling against me, sobbing lightly and whispering, apologizing every two words while we watched TV and I spoke comforting words to his ears.

After the millionth time, I declared. "Apologize again and I'll bite you!"

He let out a tiny half forced laugh and a matching smile crossed his lips.

The End

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