Beside me, Lou's all stressed out. I'm guessing about the sex. I don't really care. We're a couple, sex is part of the package and they know it.
"Hey guys. What's up?"

"Sit down guys, We have to talk." His brother suggest.

Lou hesitate to do it so I kiss him in the neck and push his ass gently.

We both sit on the uncomfortable wooden chair. They used to have cushioned ones but the house's cats waged war against them and obliterated them. The house's table is larger than a freaking car and the scary part is that they needed that whole space.

"What's this about?" I ask defensively.

"You know what it's about, Grey, you're the only one who know what's going on. Don't you think you should share?" His brother questions.

Tell them...

It's only then the truth strikes me, like Thor's hammer smashing down my head. I had never told them about Mary, the specters... Not even Lou. He knew Mary but he didn't know who she was... What she was...

How could I have not told him? I had spent a lot of time listening to him, learning his life. But what did he know about me?

Gah! I'm an Idiot! How could I have NOT told HIM? Did I not trust him enough to speak my heart out? My teeth grind together in frustration.

I take a deep breath, trying to gather my thoughts. This whole cataclysmic revelation took only a few seconds as my mind was racing and my heart was pumping at the speed of sound.

"What you saw last night is called a specter..."

"I figured it was a ghost." His father responded before I could continue.

"It's not the same thing. Ghosts are images left on the world by emotions. Wraiths are the actual spirit of a person. Specters on the other hand... In a way, they're the opposite of life they are angry, prideful, insane or sorrowful or a combination of these.

They we once human souls but..." I take a moment to think. "They're souls turned inside out. People aspire to do good, but sometimes fail for various reasons. You can say specters are the the opposite, they seek to create sadness, anger, fear and despair. They feed off it. Using the power they harvest to do their goals, to gain vengeance, control or satisfy their urges."
Everyone's silent at the table... They all stare at me...



It goes on for a full minute that seems like an eternity. I'm not someone who's shy. But at the moment my shoulder just crumbled.

Did they think I was crazy?

I try to sense their emotions but it comes clashing in a apocalyptic sized waves of psychic feedback, Fear, anger, worry, surprise, confusion... I feel these and all at once and I feel nauseated.

Confidence... I feel that emotion, sparking something in me, like a comforting flame in my heart.

"Alright. How do we kill this Asshole?" Martin ask in an almost cocky way.

The End

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