Waking up... For real.Mature


I'm still fully clothed when I wake up. I don't remember laying down in bed... Weird.
It's only then I notice Grey’s head is niche in my neck, holding me tightly with one oh his arm.

I wiggle free and hear Grey mutters "Lou?" half asleep.

I turn around in bed and kiss him right on the nose. "Are you okay? You look better..." I ask and comment.

"Yeah... I got sick in the middle of the night but I'm alright now..." He pauses for a moment as he gets up, sitting on the side of the bed and I can see so much worry and confusion in his eyes. "What happened that night?"

"I'm not entirely sure, We managed to get you out but what did that things do to you? It had tentacles and goo pouring inside of you." 

He nods somberly and looks at me before running a finger across my face "What happened to you?" He asks, caressing a long nasty scratch that run across my cheek and down to my mouth.

"It's nothing... Just a scratch the ghost caused." I lie, not wanting to tell him he had done it in one of his night terrors.

"I see..." He acknowledge as I hide my left arm where a bunch more of them runs.
"Come here." I command him, as I push him to the shower. Usually we take it separately but after the last previous days, I don't want to be away from him a single second.

Once the shower pours it's boiling hot water, I tackle Grey to the wall, making out with him
In there, we make love loudly. Nobody’s around to hear us so we seize the occasion.
Once we’re done, we head to the kitchen, after washing off the icky smell off thoroughly.

Downstairs are my Father and Brother, talking in a hushed tone. I hadn't expected them to still be here... They had work to go to.

"G'morning you two" My brother shoots.

"Morning..."I reply sheepishly.

"Did they hear us?" I ask myself.

Grey comes down the kitchen a few secodns after me. "Hey guys. What's up?" He ask them, apparently not sharing my discomfort.

"Sit down guys, We have to talk."

We both obeyed the command and sat at the massive oak table that was big enough to hold an army.

The End

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